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    I had a great visit with difficult child yesterday. He is doing well, and he is doing so well that they are going to taper him off of seroquel. There is some question now as to if he is bipolar or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) with severe anxiety. I am really questioning the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis myself. He had some testing done that should tell us where he rates on the spectrum, that should be done in a week or two and hopefully that will help. psychiatrist is considering once he is off the seroquel maybe trying him on an ssri to address the anxiety. That scares the tar out of me, but beyer they do that there.

    S2bx is no longer allowed to call or visit difficult child. Apparently he showed up to visit smelling of alcohol and acted like he had been drinking. He was also telling difficult child that he was going to take him out of there, difficult child would go live with him... and s2bx was going to have me arrested and sent to jail. difficult child was super anxious and stuck on that for a few days, no wonder why. I told therapist to report s2bx to dhs. I think she did, I sure hope so.

    That came up in the family therapy visit, then difficult child and I visited. When we came back for therapist appointment, they had all the buildings locked up, even where psychiatrist is and the reception area. I guess when therapist called and told s2bx that he could no longer visit he started swearing and said he was going to come get difficult child. He is nailing his own coffin shut.

    I am going to go shut his cell phone off, I should have done out before now, but I was trying to be nice. I an done with that now.

    I am glad that s2bx will no longer be able to interfere with difficult child's treatment. Last week? He was Phoenix (the name of his unit) of the week. He got to pick the movies, sit where ever he wanted, move the TV, etc. He said in our visit with psychiatrist that he moved the tv so all the kids could see. Sometimes he is so stinking cute and sweet.
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    You just don't know how excited I get when I see you post updates! I want to ask sometimes but I don't to bug you....smile! How sweet is he that he turned the tv for everyone. What a huge relief that s2bx did himself in. I love that you are ready to cut the phone tie with him. I was wondering though, can you keep track of him and his phone calls if you do keep the phone on? Would there be any advantage to that anyway? I dont know your situation or if that offers you any security...I was just wondering.

    So, how is your daughter doing? I hope this time is allowing you quality time with her too.

    So happy things are progressing for him. Ur updates are like waiting for my weekly favorite TV show! LOL
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    Glad he's doing well!
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    Buddy, you crack me up. I will have to title the next post, New episode!!

    When s2bx has his phone on I can keep up with where he is more, but it puts easy child in a bad position as he tries to lean on her for emotional support and calls incessantly. I don't like the idea of not knowing where he is, it is giving me mega anxiety today, but it is not about me. Plus, it gives me less ways to harass both kids.

    easy child is doing well, super nervous about tomorrow (see watercooler), but doing well.
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    Gosh, I just love difficult child. He's such a good boy!
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    I too was waiting for your update, glad to hear that things are going well...other than S@BX who needs to lose his phone...glad you are taking care of that.

    I too would be wary of an SSRI for anxiety...we tried that with a significant increase in more impulsive behavior with both kids. in my humble opinion if you are going to do that he needs to be there for several weeks so that they can monitor it. That's the last thing you want. I had one of my kids attaching a rope to a pine tree and seeing if he could swing off the roof a la Tarzan. Scary!!!

    You must be relieved that he is doing better.

    Sorry about the worry about S#BX.
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    Pepper, that is why we are doing the ssri there. I will do all I can to keep him there for several weeks after they as that, Ihope they wait at least 3 weeks. I will push for that. I will call the insurance case manager and talk with her as so much of it depends on funding