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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Hi family -

    Well I am happy to announce that Doctor Kimball, aka doctor or if you ask Pootie (Uncle Fester Addams) got a new home!!

    He came to us,filthy, full of fleas, boney, 30lbs underweight, full of parasites, heartworm positive, intact male, never an innoculation, never a treat and no human contact for 3 years other than someone sliding the leftovers into a 5 gal. pail everyday for his food. Not obedience trained, not potty trained, not speaking or understanding any commands. (gotta LOVE when he runs away from you when you're trying to get everyone IN the house) He never had a biscuit and his teeth had tartar, he never played and never untucked his tail.

    He left us, filling out - 25lbs. heavier, going on heartworm cure, parasite free, neutered, complete set of innoculations, able to eat a biscuit, able to allow someone to pet him, able to curl up with the pack, able to run with his tail up, able to wag, fresh food and water, less tartar on his teeth, basic obedience commands, POTTY TRAINED AND had just figured out how to run with his pack to chase them when they chased a ball. How to use the dog door, and how to trust that not all people were bad. He liked to lay in the sun during the day and come in at night with the family.

    Pootie was quite the little Ambassador of Love - and encouraged him to play by biting him on the neck, dashing away and then play growling - eventually he played back. She called him Uncle Fester Addams because he was weird. He was an odd duck - but if you put me on a chain for 3 years and didn't care about me---Know what I mean??

    The home he went to has middle aged gal who is single and only has one other dog. She seems quiet which is good for doctor as he still startles easily at loud noises - but he was ready to go.

    The rescue was surprised most of the volunteers have taken in a chain dog from time to time - and two of them still have theirs as they are "not adoptable." - they said the same thing about doctor.....and well, three months later he has a nice home and will get one on one attention he needs.

    Just wanted to give you some good news.

    The only one NOT happy in our home about the move? The cat. When doctor came - Pootie had someone to play with. Now that he's gone, the cat is SURE Pootie will want to play er......annoy her again. :laugh:
  2. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    OH Star I'm so Happy for doctor!!!!

    But I didn't get to see a picture of him filled out!!! I so wanted to see him all better.....or at least well on his way.

    I'm so very glad he was able to be loved and trained up enough to be adoptable. So many can't be and that just breaks your heart. We have two in our shelter that will never be adopted. They've been there since young pups (6wks) and are now about 4 yrs old. They haven't gotten enough human interaction (loving) in there to trust people and are so shy they run away when folks come in to look over the dogs.

    I hope doctor adjusts well to his new home and is spoiled rotten.

    Tell Pootie I'm proud of her. She did good. As for the cat.......Bruce knows how he feels. lol
  3. klmno

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    What a great story!! I have found that a few dogs considered "not adoptable" loosen right up when taken to a good home that has other dogs they can watch and learn to socialize with. This has been a "cure" on several occassions that I've gotten rescue dogs. It seemed that once the "new" dog saw that it was being treated just like the other dogs and that no one was getting hurt or neglected, he/she would start coming out of it's shell to join the other dogs, then gradually, trust a human caregiver. You really saved doctor's life- and quality of life- as you already know!!
  4. helpangel

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    Wow Star it takes a special breed of person to be able to take someone else's "throw away" animal and turn them into a pet. Your whole family should be very proud of themselves!

    All my cats were rescues and when I go to bail one out of the pound I always use McDreamies (gray's anatomy) line "its a good day to save a life".

    Fluffy (RIP)- was smallest of 9 kittens, his mom dumped him - was 2 hours old when I became surrogate momma cat - lived to see 20th birthday!

    Puffy (RIP)- found in a cardboard box at side of road

    Baby (RIP) - malnurished, parasite infected took away from kids playing catch with her

    Kimba (RIP)- white cat owner got a black couch, best cat ever! saved our lives a couple times.

    Buddie (RIP?) some kids caught beating him up was rescued by animal control a few blocks from my house; disappeared last summer don't know if went back to original home or killed

    Molly (RIP) - kid was going to kill her playing too rough

    Spike - owner moved and left him behind

    Charlie - stray

    Misty- people stuffed 5 cats into carrier were found on porch of abandoned house estimated there at least a week before discovered - had to be fostered for a month.
  5. Wiped Out

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    You've done good!:)
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Thanks all -

    Over the years (last 9) we've had nearly 100 throw away pets/foster animals. I personally enjoy rehab of wildlife - opossums and squirrels are my favorite. But we've had turtles, snakes, birds, and anything else that seems to be able to crawl into the yard finds it's way here.

    While we were rehabing doctor someone drove by and threw 2 baby labrador retriever little girls in our ditch and took off. We got them both homes - but it just makes me so mad - there is no excuse to dump a pet.

    There is the pound, there are several foster agencies (although right now no one will take anything) and there are soup kitchens for pets weekly - with donated food and snacks for cats and dogs. So there's no excuse to just dump an animal in someones yard or just take its collar off and say "best of luck" dogs are not hunters- they are scavengers.

    We do feel pretty good about the work we did with doctor. Thanks for the compliments.
  7. KTMom91

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    What a great update! So glad that doctor found his forever home and is a happy guy!
  8. mstang67chic

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    Star that's fantabulous!!!!!

    Auntie Star,

    Youse my hewo!!! You getz doctor way from dos meen peepulls and wubs him and cween hims up and gibs him medsin so he feels better!!! You da best Auntie Star EBER!!!!!

    Pootie...you a good pwincess!!!!! You helped Auntie Star wif doctor and showd hims how to pway and lubs peepull back.

    Wots of Cloe hugs and kisses to you bof!!!!

    Wubs you wots!

  9. DammitJanet

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    Star...thats great. Dogs dont do well out here in the country and people have no problem just throwing them out here. I dont know why either. Dogs will pack up together and run wild. Then they end up getting killed when they start killing livestock. Animal control here wont even come out to get wild dogs and you cant catch them. Only thing to do is kill them when they are killing your animals. It is sad.