Update on easy child/difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by dstc_99, Mar 4, 2013.

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    OK so I got easy child in to the doctor and had them fill out the paper the school provided so that they could get started on accomodations. I also finally got the doctor to provide her something prescription for insomnia so she started clonidine a while back. It seems to be helping most nights which is a blessing.

    Not sure how fast the school will be on the accomodations but in the mean time I am working on getting the neuropsychologist testing done. We have a couple of University Hospitals within a few hours so I am hoping to get her in to one of those.

    I also got her doctor to write her a note that she is allowed to take Motrin as needed at school since she has been having migraines and missing school. He also wrote the school a note that will allow her to miss for migraines without us getting harassed about too many absences. Last but not least he wrote a note for her to take her Concerta at school. She doesn't want to take her medicine at school and has actually been doing well with it right now and hasn't missed any doses (we counted). I hate leaving it up to her because she tends to start forgetting but maybe I can check it once a week and if I see too many pills make her take it in.

    She is now attending after school tutoring and hopefully that will help as well as whatever they come up with.

    I feel like for once I am being more effective and proactive. What else should I do? Any advice?
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    You've done a ton! Does she have to go to the nurse to take the concerta? Our schools won't let kids carry rx medications, esp. Controlled substances.

    My nephew would "forget" etc. Well, sister gave some to school and got the form filled out to have him go to the nurse on the way into school. He has no interrupted school that way....and no home battles.

    Hope you get your neuropsychologist appointment. soon.

    Does she have headaches when she doesn't take concerta? It caused headaches for two of my sisters.
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    If she is having migraines that are frequent enough and severe enough to be causing school issues... there are other ways to treat migraines than just pain killers. been there done that.
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    She had the headaches well before the Concerta. We don't necessarily treat the migraines with the Motrin we have other medication she uses at home. The idea was to allow her to have the Motrin at school and attempt to use it before asking us to leave work and come home. Most of her "migraines" go away with early use of Motrin and therefore she could stay in school after taking it. She doesn't miss a ton because of the migraines but it seemed stupid to have to keep going to the Dr for a note when it is an ongoing medical issue that doesn't require a dr visit to fix. From what the doctor said he thinks she is having muscle tension migraines which is what I have. If I can hit them early with motrin or tylenol they usually go away. Same thing seems to apply for her.

    In all honesty I dont really know if she has migraines she may simply be using the old "migraine" thing to get out of school. Having the Motrin there will mean she has to try something prior to just calling and going home.
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    Sounds like you've taken a good bite out of it! Good for you!
    Fingers crossed on the appts. Let us know.