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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by artana, Apr 1, 2009.

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    I haven't posted my own thread in a while, but I wanted to share the information I received yesterday. My DS6, easy child, had gotten glasses from one developmental opthomologist, but did not like them (they were turned into bifocals and the doctor refused to change them back). So, I took my son to another doctor listed on the covd website.

    DS6 has gotten some diagnosis of ADHD, but I have always felt there is a vision problem. He doesn't really look where I point. I had to show him how to look me in the eye by playing staring games with him, etc. Yesterday, the covd doctor tested him to see if he needed vision therapy while I watched through a two-way mirror. The issues were obvious. The doctor would flash numbers on the screen, and DS6 would not even try to guess what had been flashed. During a lot of the eye movement tests, you could see him get tired and really not want to do it anymore, even though he would become enthusiastic about the next test almost immediately.

    Long story short, he's going to begin vision therapy on Saturday because the doctor is sure that his lack of focus is vision related. Up until now, he does well because he is bright enough to finish his work quickly and understand what the teacher is saying. He also does alright with faraway work, just not close up work. Eventually though, this would probably have caught up with him at school. The doctor said that DS6's way of dealing with the issues he has is avoidance, which is a bad coping strategy. He will be working with him to teach him better coping mechanisms.

    I'm crossing my fingers that this helps.:)
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    I am so glad this has been found. I am sure it will help in so many ways and make his life easier and more enjoyable.
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    Fair play Artana, your mom instinct told you there was a vision problem and there was. Thanks to you looking into it this had now been found and he will have a much better chance of doing well in school which will surely have a positive effect on his self esteem. Hopefully there will be no need for any more avoidance strategies and he will be able to work to his fully potential. Good Job!!
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    Thank you guys. It is such a struggle to force myself to try new things sometimes. I feel like giving up at times, and I have sweet children. I feel like I must have a low stress tolerance or something.

    I talked to the behavior therapist at school and he told me that something like 20% of children diagnosed with ADHD have eye convergence issues and tracking issues. That made me feel better as well, because it lets me know that this is a known problem and his behavior could be linked to it.