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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Mar 3, 2010.

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    If you recall, I posted a few weeks ago about the possibility of becoming FB friends with the sis of my ex-H's second wife. (He is dead now but when we were teens, I was good friends with both these sisters.) Anyway, we befriended and I emailed and told her I wasn't sure how to approach it and didn't want to cause anyone frustration or hurt feelings. She emailed back and said she never liked my X/her brother in law anyway and never saw what I or her sis saw in him. LOL! It sounds like this will turn out ok after all!
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    We could all use an extra friend in this world! Congratulations!

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    Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sounds like a winning situation! :thumbsup:

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    After so many years I'd be surprised if her sister is holding any grudges either. However, my Mom, the Queen of grudges, has one that has been going on for more than 45 yrs. lol But then I've never claimed my Mom was normal.

    Good for you. It's fun to reconnect. I just recently have been reconnecting with extended family. Feels sort of strange. husband's brother's daughter and her two grown kids are now friends with all of us. Strange as all these years there has been little relationship there to speak of. I have noticed though that husband has not invited his brother......nor vice versa. So maybe my Mom isn't the only one who excells at grudges. lol Been several others too. So nice to be able to talk to them again. With several it's like we've never been apart. :)