Update on Focalin Trial

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Tried it on Friday and difficult child had trouble at school with being all over the place (more than usual with-no physicality). At daycare he flipped over a table and was just not listening. husband picked him up to go fishing, they got out on the lake and he immediately wanted to go home. I got home round 8:30 (had gone out to dinner with-friends) and difficult child was like "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah". It was time for him to be in bed and he just didn't settle like usual. Pulled that Focalin and put him back on the Straterra and Tenex. E-mailed psychiatrist Sat to let him know.

    difficult child really seems to present ADHD, but not a single stimulant works for him. They all send him off the deep end, which too would indicate that the issue is not ADHD I believe. At IEP meeting the other week his teacher did not feel it was so much ADHD. UGH! I am perplexed.

    I have to agree with-others on the board that since the small heat wave we had difficult child seems to have declined a bit. Maybe the heat, end of school, summer coming? UGH! Just been a tough past week.

    Wish I was back in Vegas! My week of work/respite was wonderful.
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    Some kids with mood disorders can't take ADHD medications--not with mood stabilizers, not under any conditions. Often ADHD behavior is childhood mania too. Have you thought of not medicating the ADHD symptoms?
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    I think at this point we will stop trying to medicate the ADHD symptoms. Nothing works. It been 2 yrs of trying on and off. Medate, Ritalin, Adderrall, Vyvance, Focalin and 1 0r 2 others I can't recall always set him off. At psychiatrist appointment last week he just bouced around the room and psychiatrist was like this is classic ADHD. difficult child would not sit still doing everything to annoy (I honestly believe that difficult child did this because husband and I were in conversation with-psychiatrist and he was not the star of the conversation at the moment). difficult child LOVES negative attention! Anytime you are not focusing on him (like speaking with-someone in person or on the phone) difficult child will bother the H*LL out of you until you respond. Just LOVES the negative attention-UGH!
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    I'm sorry that nothing seems to be helping. Thinking of you xox ML
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    Sounds just like my difficult child! I can't figure her out.....doesn't like the positive attention at all, just the negative! And....I have to hide to talk on the phone or just not answer it.....not worth trying to talk.

    I'm sorry the medication trial didn't work out:(
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    I am so sorry there are no easy answers here. Sigh.
    Sometimes you just have to wait until they're older for other symptoms to manifest. Have you tried elimination diets for allergies?
    That's neat that your husband is so hands on. Way To Go.
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    I am very fortunate husband is so hands on - I couldn't do this alone! I think maybe I should start looking into an elimination diet. I can just imagine the battles and tantrums that would bring on with-difficult child. But TerryJ2 maybe your right.
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    As one who has a serious mood disorder (myself...lol), I can tell you first-hand that hypo-mania looks A LOT like ADHD. You can not sit still, you talk fast, you don't focus, etc. but I tried Ritalin. It not only made me more hyper (after all, it IS speed), but after it wore off I plunged into one of my depressions that lasted for over a year. Hypomania includes racing thoughts, anxiety, and lots of things that looks like ADHD. But it doesn't respond well to ADHD medications. Maybe that's what you're seeing. I personally would never take ADHD medications. I"m hyper enough and they make me worse.
    Stimulants make everyone able to focus better. College kids used to take them before exams so they could study all night (they probably still do). But they can cause all sorts of mood problems and are also abused a lot by teenagers with or without ADHD. in my opinion it's worth it to try something else. Or nothing at all for that symptom. Good luck!