Update on grandkids


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According to the latest info we have, they have gone to Texas somewhere. This is from the guy's brother-in-law (he works with difficult child). I don't think he actually knows where in Texas but his wife (the guy's sister) may. In any case, wife has violated her PR bond by leaving the state. Lawyer says to come in tomorrow and he thinks they have enough that they can file kidnapping charges. Kids have not been in school, there is reported drug use, and, new wrinkle, they say she is pregnant. difficult child says it can't be his. What a mess!

difficult child is, so far, working with the police and the lawyer so I think his behind is covered in whatever we have done to this point. So he hasn't pursued tax avenues or applying for assistance or anything like that. We are using all legal channels. If that doesn't work, we'll move on but hopefully we will find out something this week.


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I hope you have them home soon. Good thing his ex decided to break the law and leave the state.

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Am glad you know at least a general area. I "think" with kidnapping charges the FBI can get involved. He will probably have to go to court and have them declare sole custody to him, and I would probably check out Missing Children site


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Kidnapping...........doesn't the level of that crime become more serious if you take the child over state lines?

I'm glad you have a general location. Texas is a big state but it's better than not having a clue at all.

However, I wouldn't get your hopes up too high via the kidnapping charge. I took my kids and left ohio for Illinois without Fred knowing it. Police could do nothing as there was no custody order in place. (which I knew when I did it) So unless things have changed or it varies from state to state........... Still, you have drugs and a parole violation on your side too. (those weren't the case with me)

You *might* want to have him look into filing for temporary custody of the kids based on the drugs aspect and the fact she's in violation now as well. Now that would change this into his favor by quite a huge amount and I really don't see a judge not giving it to him.

You're in my prayers.



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I took my kids and left ohio for Illinois without Fred knowing it. Police could do nothing as there was no custody order in place. (which I knew when I did it) So unless things have changed or it varies from state to state........... Still, you have drugs and a parole violation on your side too. (those weren't the case with me)
It does vary by state and a key factor here is that she is hiding the kids from him. While a court would likely order the children returned to the state anyway, the fact that she is actively hiding them is very, very bad for her.


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I'm glad you are seeking legal avenues.Once it's established that the children were kidnapped, won't the Feds get involved because it's crossing state lines? I believe you can call in the Feds on your own and report it as a kidnapping, can't you? In any case, my heart so goes out to you, you must be so worried..................I continue my prayers for the safe return of the children and the continued safety of them................HUGS............

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Things must have changed some over the years, then. Wouldn't surprise me. Because I was actively hiding them. We dropped "off the planet" for at least 3 months. Extenuating circumstances. Not Fred's fault, but he didn't need to know where we were either at the time. Like I said though, I had a clean record, no warrants out, no drugs ect were involved as well.

That said, my nephews......well, I'm not quite sure what to call her as he never married her but had a daughter with her.......pulled the same sort of stunt. Nephew had just gotten out of prison, 2nd term, violent crime. She found out, dumped her brand new husband, took my nephew's 2 yr old and the new baby from her new groom and took off with nephew. Groom was beside himself.......and he managed to get police involved and got custody of his baby girl with only supervised visits with mom, it didn't take very long either to do so.


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I would check with the attorney. He'll have to consult with a TX atty, if that's where they are and find out the legalities there as well. She may have already gotten her probation transferred to TX....it takes 60 days usually and I think they have to prove they have a job waiting. As far as him? If he has violent crime history? That may help your sons case, and as far as extraditing him back to MD? It costs them about $2500.00 per state line to go "get" him and they're probably not likely to do that MD is pretty far from TX......BUT if they cross into MExico....you're going to have problems. Food for thought.


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I have been thinking about you and those children and worry that they must be so confused and upset. I hope they find them and your son gets custody.


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Keeping your grandchildren, your son and you in my thoughts. Praying for the children's safe and quick return to you.


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I will tell you my experience with a "parental kidnapping" years ago.

Back in 1981 after Billy was born he must have been about 5 months old so that would have put it early fall. Billy's grandfather had come up to Richmond to see my husband and the baby. My husbands sister was also living in Richmond at the time so I allowed the grandfather and my husband to take Billy with them over to pick up my husbands sister and go out to dinner. I was told they would have Billy back to my Dad's house by 7 that night. Now my husband and I were not getting along well right then so we werent living together. He was bunking with a friend and I was staying with my dad. However we were still married so we both had custody of that child.

When Billy didnt show up at 7, I got a really bad feeling. I called my sister in law and she told me they had never come to get her for dinner. Do what? I called the hotel where my father in law was staying. He had checked out. I called the cops. I had a missing baby. I knew what airline he had flown up on so they looked at flights leaving our airport going back down to where he was from. They found his name on the manifest but only one of their names. See...Billy is the fifth. So there should have been the third, fourth and fifth on the plane but they could only find a ticket for the third. Well...the FBI was contacted and they met the plane in Orlando and if my husband hadnt walked off that plane with the baby, then the grandfather would have been arrested for kidnapping. Now because my husband was with the baby there wasnt a darned thing I could do other than try to convince my husband to give me back the baby. I managed to do that about a week later by promising some idiotic things to him. Once I got the baby back to VA, I did put in for emergency temporary custody and was awarded that. Full emergency custody. His father was only allowed supervised visitation if a cop was present. (he sent a letter to the judge that really irritated the judge...lol)

Now that is the short version. There was a whole lot of cussing. I have never ever heard my father cuss anyone out on the phone before but he gave my in laws something that I am sure their ears are still ringing from...lol.


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Now we hear they are in Oklahoma. difficult child filled out more legal paperwork yesterday. Everybody tells him that, unlike some cases, he does have a chance of getting them back because of the legal issues of both mom and boyfriend. She is scheduled to appear in court here in early December. If she doesn't show up, they will issue a warrant for her arrest. That is probably the best thing that could happen, at this point but that is quite awhile to wait and God only knows what could happen between now and then.


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Mutt, thinking about you and yours and continuing to hope things turn out for the best! Looks like you have a really good handle on things. Let's all keep thinking good thoughts that it stays that way.