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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Nov 29, 2007.

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    We tracked it down! Just call us Super Sleuths.

    We knew who took it, we knew they wouldnt really take it to a real pawn shop and we knew the probable outcome so husband sent out leaks into the community to people who might get approached about the gun by these sorts of people but that they didnt know that these people knew husband. Got that?

    So we got messages that the gun was being talked about by one neighbor a few doors up from the guy who stole it. Described to a T. Then it was moved. Last night a call came in that the thief and the one who last had it were seen at a drug dealers house and this dealer was seen with the gun.

    husband rushed over. As he gets there, the one who last had it was just leaving and he asked him if Chris was still there...oh yeah...he is still there. So husband goes in and blocks Chris's truck in so he cant leave the yard. Chris is denying, lying, shaking, whining...yada yada.

    Meanwhile the drug dealer comes out and says...arent you Corys dad? husband says...yes...daughter says come in here a second, I have something to show you. husband goes in and there is his gun! daughter says Chris brought this to me and said it was his and he wanted to trade it for dope! husband told him oh hell NO!

    In the end because the daughter was really a decent guy who went to school with both Cory and Jamie he gave the gun back to husband free even though he paid Chris $170 and Im sure he will take it out of Chris's hide.

    Im also sure Chris is in for one heck of a hiney whipping from my side of the fence because of this. Chris is still lying about Cory hand over fist. He sticks Corys name in on every theft he performs. As this proves...Cory doesnt do them all. Cory is looking to whip him now. And trust me, Cory can do it.

    We are going to take out a restraining order because we cant press the charges because we promised the daughter not to put his name in it because he gave it back free. The drug dealer really cant afford to have the cops involved in his life...which I understand. He was good about things.
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    Even bad guys have a good side. Glad you got the gun back. Now, any chance you can convince husband to put it under lock and key -- both for the sake of Keyana and to prevent another theft? And convince Cory that beating Chris up is more than likely to get him in more trouble than anything else. Some things just aren't worth the effort.
  3. Star*

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    Janet -

    I have my doubts that daughter is a decent fella - I'm more inclined to believe he didn't want an @$$ whipping from YOU. :sword:

    Glad you got your weapon back.
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    Oh we are making my closet into a locked closet and then we are putting this weird contraption in there that we got from radio shack that they were tossing out that we can chain the guns in. It used to hold the cell phones.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: The_Loan_Ranger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Janet -

    I have my doubts that daughter is a decent fella - I'm more inclined to believe he didn't want an @$$ whipping from YOU. :sword:


    Yeah, I'd say daughter's good side is composed mainly of a highly refined sense of self-preservation. Much better, from his point of view, to take a $170 hit (which no doubt he'll be taking back out of the apparently terminally stupid Chris) than to be having his name mentioned to the authorities, knowingly receiving stolen property, and risking retaliation from your husband.
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    I'm glad the gun is out of circulation. Wouldn't have been pretty if it had been used in a crime.

    There are certain people in the world who aren't to be messed with. I think this Chris may be getting this lesson drummed into him really soon.