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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Nancy

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    We picked difficult child up at the sober house at 11 a.m. They all got two extra hours of home visits today because they worked very hard at their fundraiser last night. We went by the way and difficult child was in charge of face painting the little kids and keeping them busy so the adults could do the raffle and sideboards. They all did a nice job and we got to meet her sponsor and big and little buddy and her house mom. Everyone said so many nice things about difficult child.They all seemed very happy to meet us and said difficult child was so lucky to have such a great support system.

    Today after we got home and relaxed a bit and she put some clothes in the wash we ran up to the mall for a few necessities. Her girlfriend came over and they colored Easter eggs and we ate dinner, I had made her favorite dish, chicken fiesta. We finished laundry, ran up to the grocery store for a couple things to bring back and it was time to go back. The time flew by and I knew she was sad to leave. She wrote on her fb wall that Sundays was her new favorite day and posted some pics of us from yesterday and labeled them the new and improved her.

    We talked on the way back about where she might try to find a job in three months, and about some of the people in the sober house and how she is realizing how lucky she is and how tough their situations are, especially with no family support. She seems to really be getting it and when I asked if she thought all this was going to keep her sober and she said she has to, that she never wants to go back to where she was. She sees many of the other girls having to go to jail for various things and hopefully she is realizing that it can happen to her so easily.

    We had a very nice day and she is looking forward to us picking her up on Easter and going to brunch.

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    wow, what a great turnaround.

    My son is coming home after a year away. I don't know if he can handle the challenge of school but we shall see. I really appreciated what someone said on your previous post that you have to be there for them, asking what they need from you when they start to turn themselves around. And then they said, you will be sad anyway if things fall apart so you might as well be there for them with hope in your heart. (I'm paraphrasing, lol). Such a tough things, having been through hell, wanting to believe in the new and improved difficult child, and yet knowing the potential for failure is always there. Hope you are navigating these difficult waters ok.

    This I think is the true difficult child you raised--makes you realize just how much damage alcohol etc can do to the whole thinking process.

    I'm enjoying hearing about the good times from afar....thanks for sharing.
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    How wonderful to have her be so upbeat and happy to have you as her family! She always is by the way-she just can't face it when she is in "junky" mode. Sending positive vibes and prayers your way. I hope you had sleep and peace in your heart.
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    Nancy, so very glad to hear how well things went and how good she seems to be feeling about everything. Hopefully this is truly a new beginning for her, and for your family.

    Sending hugs and good thoughts,
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    Nancy, will you get to see her today? How is she doing? And how are you?
  6. Nancy

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    Thanks for asking. Yes we are picking her up at noon and going to brunch as a family. Then we will come home and visit until we have to bring her back at 5. She called yesterday and sounded very upbeat. She says she has been given a little buddy now. That's what you get when you first arrive at the house and she is responsible for helping the girl get settled in. She asked if she could get some shampoo for this girl because she came into the house with hardly anything. She also wanted to know if she could bring a couple of our extra fleece tie blankets because some of the girls have no blankets. I make the blankets for family/friends and have made quite a few to give to charity so I said sure. I think I may have found my new pasttime, making blankets for every new resident that comes into the house lol.

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    Hey, there you go, love the blanket thing! Sounds like it be a promising day, I hope it is!
  8. exhausted

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    Oh how geat that she is thinking about others and knows she can count on youto support her! It really helps when you can feel involved in the program doesn't it? I use to go do music at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) once a week. Both the kids and I loved it! Made me feel like I knew the place better and like I was still an involved mom. Happy Easter and I hope your day will be a good one.