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    Well, he was discharged today. They let him play video games all day, so they didn't get any of the "normal" behavior.

    They said that the school needs to do all the testing and to continue with the current psychologist and psychiatrist.

    Have the pediatrician make a referral to Uconn for a neuropsychologist (fat chance).

    Have my son go to this day school where I'd have to transport him, leaving me no choice but to quit my job if I did so.

    Get DCF's (dept of children and families) voluntary services.

    And last, but not least, take him to a cardiologist for the abnormal EKG they received from him (right atrium is enlarged).

    Does anyone know why they would even do an EKG?

    I spoke with the school social worker and he's angry they didn't do any testing. He's willing to call these places outside of the school to try to get my son into (obviously, evading using the school as a resource). He was nice about it, I guess, but when I told him we need to have an emergency PPT on Monday, he said "what for?!" I said "probably because he's coming back to school tomorrow and we need to have a plan". Bah...

    We had a PPT today and we made a plan to have another one the 27th in hopes the hospital would have a better diagnosis by then. Nothing was accomplished at that time.

    So much for that.

    I have to take the day off tomorrow to try and get as many appts as possible and maybe even an emergency evaluation done.

    I also want to mention they have a theoretic diagnosis that my difficult child has ADHD, post traumatic stress disorder and attachment disorder. Any one have any info on the last two?


    P.S. My difficult child is livid with everyone because we took him out of the "wonderland" that was the hospital. Can't wait for retaliation time. School should be fun...
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    They probably gave him an EKG because they were considering putting him on an antipsychotic or one of the other drugs that has warnings about Long QT Syndrome. There's probably a lot of drugs that he shouldn't take until he's seen by a cardiologist. Stimulants and antipsychotics come to mind.
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    My son has congenital heart disease and had to have an EKG prior to starting Concerta for ADHD. It was a very brief, 5 minute test that was done in the outpatient lab. No biggie. It's just the heart rate concern thing ~ that's what I'd think it would be with the ADHD diagnosis.

    My oldest had an "Adjustment Disorder" diagnosis at one time. It's gone now. He grew out of it, or it just disappeared or, well, I dunno. I don't even know how the psychiatrist got that. No clue. Didn't give him medications. Told me to buy him a punching bag and put him in wrestling, hahahaha. Nice, eh?

    I would not, for a million bucks, allow our school psychologist to do anything with any of my kids in the way of diagnosing a mental illness. Ever. Never. Never and never.

    Did I say never?

    He's good for giving a few standardized tests. That's about it.

    Sorry your experience was cruddy. Doesn't sound like you got anything positive out of it.
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    All three of my kids have had EKGs prior to being put on certain medications (stimulants, atypical antipsychotics and tricyclic antidepressants). Many medications can have negative effects on the heart. You should definitely have your son seen by a cardiologist.

    I'm sorry the hospital didn't help the situation. Why is it unlikely the pediatrician will refer you for neuropsychologist testing at UConn?
  5. TerryJ2

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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is when you have experienced a trauma, and certain experiences bring it back again, big as life. The most common ex. is Vietnam vets (and now Iraqi vets) who return from war, and if someone pops open a can or bag of chips, they think they're being shot at, break out in a sweat, etc. If you've been raised in a violent, alcoholic home, for ex., if you hear someone coming up the stairs with-iced tea, you'll freak, because you'll think it's your parent, with-a drink, ready to beat you.

    Attachment disorder can happen when a kid is bounced around from home to home in foster care (although there are other ways to make it happen) and the child has gone through so much trauma they cannot emotionally attach to a new parent because they cannot trust anyone. Some of it is conscious and some unconscious. Typically you'll get kids who fight, steal, light fires, and otherwise make you want to boot them out... which is exactly what they expect. In short, it hurts too much to learn to love again.

    Both conditions need lots of counseling. You also need to be alert to the triggers--sounds, smells, even simple words or expressions that to anyone else might be insignificant or meaningless.
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    I agree with Janna. I trust myself to diagnose my kids more than the school district. I don't even like them involved with the mental health of my kids--at least in the two school districts we were at the psycologists were embarrassingly lacking in knowledge. I would go to a private neuropsychologist. Try to get a referral or check your insurance. in my opinion THAT would be well worth it. He has a few "fuzzy" diagnosis. I'd want them confirmed by a neuropsychologist and/or Psychiatrist. His family history also indicates a high risk for bipolar disorder. Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is only supposed to be diagnosed after EVERYTHING else has been tried and ruled out. It's sort of a last resort diagnosis. Unfortunately, almost all kids who are adopted who act out get labeled with this disorder in my opinion WAY too quickly. I'd want a complete evaluation before I did anything else. Sorry the hospital was so useless. They can only keep our kids for a few days so we don't get the services we might get if our insurance did a better job for us. Hugs and prayers to you.
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    Thanks for the info guys! My brain is shot. I posted a new updated. Sorry I can't be more elaborate. :smirk:

    I, seriously, can't think anymore.

    P.S. Post is "I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!"

    Yep....sure do.