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    Well, It's been a CRAZY week. Got difficult child back on Invega at a lower dose. Smoothed him right out. I am just in awe at how this works on him. Just pray he doesn't get boobs again (we have to have a prolactin level drawn).

    But, all the plans he had about not needing to go to school or get an education have been thrown out the window. He was convinced he was going to be a professional dirt bike rider and didn't need an education for that. Well, my little Evil Kinevel had ANOTHER wreck on his dirt bike, but this one was really, really bad. He was making a "jump" onto a ramp, gave it to much gas, went VERY, VERY high in the air and he bailed off (at about 16-18 feet). (He had some excuse that it was OUR fault because we didn't buy him some spring or something for his bike and he didnt want to ruin it so he jumped off (I don't know how that makes any sense), but finally admitted he got scared and bailed - that's a first, he admitted he was scared!!!) At any rate, he hurt his left leg and foot. We took him to the ER. They took a bunch of x-rays and told us, they thought that they saw a fracture on the fibula, but they were not sure. It was late and there was not a radiologist on call to read the film, but they splinted him and said it would be read the first thing the next morning and we would be called with the results. Well, they never called. They told us if we didn't hear from them, to assume it was not broken and to keep him off it 3 days, and then if things weren't better, to see our physician. He kept screaming in pain, so I went ahead and made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor because I knew something was wrong. We got an appointment the following day and I went by the hospital and picked up the x-rays and report to take and low and behold, he doesn't have one fracture, he has two!!! I was furious they had not called. At any rate, I filed a complaint and marched off to the orthopedic doctor. He said something didn't look right and ordered a CT scan. Had to wait one more day for that. Went to the doctor this morning. The CT scan showed a comminuted fracture of the tibia, fracture of the fibula, comminuted fracture of the calcaneous, chip fracture of the fibula and a comminuted fracture of the talus. The talus is the worst. It is the bone that the long bones of the leg sit on and support all of the weight. It is comminuted (broken in small pieces or crushed) in three pieces. The surgeon said he would not touch it. He would have to be referred to a Orthopedic trauma reconstruction specialist in another town. In other words, he messed his ankle up big time. He said it would probably never be the same. So, now he will have to have some sort of reconstruction surgery on his ankle and he will be out for a long, long time. No weightbearing at all for several months. He was wailing and crying saying his plans were ruined to be a professional. I told him guess what, now you can focus on what you need to focus on, school. Sometimes when one door shuts another door opens. Then to top it all off, we had to put him in a wheelchair because the crutches are killing his arms, plus it doesn't keep his leg immobile. GUESS WHAT HE DID? HE WAS POPPING WHEELIES IN THE WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!!! :hammer: :smile: :nonono:

    What is in his head??? He can't understand why we got so upset. I think I'll just check myself in somewhere cause I can't figure this kid out!!!! But, his mood is better. Thank heavens for small things. Sometimes I feel like my head is one of those little things you put in your car that the head bobbles back and forth. That's it, a bobble head. Sometimes I just have to shake my head!!!! :rolleyes:
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    Holy COW that's a lot of breakage! I am glad that he is OK. But then he does wheelies in the wheelchair? What a turkey.
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    Ok, gotta admit: You know when they make you ride the wheel chair downstairs when you leave the hospital? husband was carrying the baby, the attendant was "pushing" me in the wheel chair, stepped away to help someone with a gurney and even though it was a c-section - I had to do it - I HAD to pop a wheelie - I don't have impulse control issues (usually), but I was compelled - stupid? yes - fun? yes - painful? - definately! do it again? you betcha! :rofl:

    Hope things smoothe out for you! I was looking at surgery for a similar recoup time - I opted out (was lucky it was an option). These guys would have killed me via the MOST HORRIBLE, LONG DEATH IMAGINABLE: Being pecked to death by ducks! :smile:

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    OMG! Glad he didn't break his neck! Hope his recovery goes smoothly.

    I couldn't help laughing at myself; hyper and thrill seeking so I just had to look in your signature to see if difficult child is ADHD. :smile:
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    I am so sorry he had such a horrible accident! It's so hard to see your child in so much pain! It's also a hard lesson for him to learn that he is not, in fact, invincible.

    When my difficult child was 14 he went skiing with his friends from where we used to live a week before our move from Long Island back to Pittsburgh (we lived in NY for a year and moved back to Pittsburgh an hour away from where difficult child grew up). He tried to land a jump (he's not a strong skiier) and when he didn't the first time he tried again. He didn't land it that time either. Instead he fell about 25 feet and broke his neck (c4). He had to start school, at a new high school, with a neck brace and could no longer play football--his passion--because he cannot play contact or collision sports for the rest of his life. He went from being a popular athlete and star football player to hardly being accepted because of the neck brace. He has never been the same since.

    It was hard for me as well, watching my son in so much pain, chasing a toddler, and in my third trimester. My son, of course, could not help with the move so I had to return to NY with just my toddler and my husband never missed a day of work!

    My advice (although I realize you didn't really ask for it) is when your son finally recovers, try to get him involved in another, safer sport, he needs something to be passionate about. I'm sure this is so hard for him and for you but hang in there!
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    Glad the medication is helping! Can't they give something to stop the boobs from growing?

    Good thing he can be fixed up, but sorry it has to be surgery.