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    Time is marching and she is slowly getting worse. She can still eat dinner with the family, but is getting much weaker. She's taking oxygen much more frequently. She seems to be confused a little easily, losing a bit of her short term memory, or both. The good news is that husband doesn't seem nearly a stressed and difficult to be with as he was previously. Maybe he's accepted what's coming? Duckie, I think, is feeling some grief fatigue: she's basically been mourning her grandmother's impending death since January. Me? I've been too busy to worry much, which I suppose is a good thing.
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    Sending my hugs and love to your family. I think you all are incredibly brave. I don't know where you get the strength to be everyones rock - but you're fantastic!
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    No words, just big HUGS to you............
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    You and yours remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. Hugs
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    I know this is incredibly hard on everyone. I hope mother in law does not have to linger or suffer. I hope and pray she is spared that, and I hope you all are spared that as well.

    You all are in my prayers.
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    Many prayers being said that your mother in law is comfortable, free of pain, feels the love of her family surrounding her, and is at peace... Many hugs for you, Duckie, your husband... SFR
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    Thank you everyone. We've kind of fallen into a routine of sorts. That helps a lot. Predictability is a good thing.
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    tm I honestly don't know which is harder, watching as they slowly slip away from us and we are aware or when they pass suddenly and we have no time to be with them. I've had it both ways. Looking back now, I'm kind of thinking as hard as it was to watch, I prefer being there and knowing I could spend the time with my Grandmother and know she appreciated us being with her. Taking the time with her and sharing those moments with her.

    Either way, I'm sure she appreciates all that you are doing. Hugs to your whole family and strong thoughts for you all to continue with your strength as you soldier on.