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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by scoot, Jul 23, 2013.

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    It sickens me to think that my daughter thinks she beat DHS again,her husband just got out of jail,in turn she got kicked out,now having no place to go with-kids in tow.She knows he is bad news.It breaks my heart that she continues to make these bad choices,not thinking of her kids first.
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    I'm sorry Scoot, you're between a rock and a hard place. Our kids can make such bad choices for themselves and we stand on the sidelines with broken hearts. I understand where you are. Do something nice for yourself. Recognize there is nothing you can do, we are powerless to change another's choices. I hope you are getting support for yourself, that will lighten your load considerably. Sending hugs............
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    How old are the children, Scoot?

    There was a time husband and I considered contacting Child Protective Services. We decided not to.

    And we were wrong.

    I am not clear whether you know where your daughter and grandchildren are. If you do, and if you think they are in danger, make that call and get them help.

    Your daughter sounds very like mine.

    You are right. It is sickening, to know what they have chosen to become. That is your daughter's choice. You cannot change it, and there is nothing you can do, for her.

    Protect your grandchildren. Do some checking into the laws in your state. Some states will help financially, when a grandparent who cannot afford it takes in her grandchildren.

    Your daughter is making a choice. The children are innocent.

    I will pray strong prayers for you. I know what this feels like. I am so sorry this horrible thing is happening.

    In our case, daughter's ex-husband came to see his sons for Christmas, and rescued all three children.

    Our daughter is still homeless by choice, living on the streets. We expect, momentarily, to hear very bad news. The only positive is that we know the kids are safe, and are doing well.