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    didn't want to hijack any other treads, considering there seems to be alot of other difficult child's in the same boat as us latley. we saw a new psychiatrist on monday. 2 hrs away, but she spent 2 hrs with- us(double session)and started changing medications.(we have another 2 hr apt next week!) difficult child was nervous. he was good...bouncing around the room. so interesting to watch. he never once looked her in the face, but did well answering her questions. although he pretty much told her that life was perfect. i wish i had that outlook. anywho, she didn't want to pull out the concerta carpet from under him...just yet. she switched him from abilify to risperdal and sent him for bloodwork. started .25mg 2x a day but uped it today to .50 2x. we haven't seen any benifit yet. wondering if we will while he's still on stims but we'll give it a chance. she also seemed to think concerta wasn't the best delivery system for methephenidate (maybe she's thinking vyvance?) but also i think it depends how he reponds to the risp. his moods are at the forefront at the moment (his manic-like symptoms and mixed) this morning he was very manicesque (as usual) and was saying that he's evil and wanted someone to hit him. so, so far we like the doctor and she's very responsive.:) after next weeks apt (double sess) she should have some kind of diagnosis for us. i'm scared and dying to know something at the same time. if she goes with- cd or mood disorder not otherwise specified--Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified i'll be frusterated as h@#$. tell me something i don't already know. either way it's comforting to know we/difficult child have a well educated ind. on our side. any input about the risperdal? it's used for autism too? do you think there is a chance for improvement while on stims??or with-out an additional mood stabilizer? (i think she's trying to figure out if it's rebound or mania) imagine that. we're still in limbo but at least we're doing something!:confused:
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    Hi dirtmama,
    Glad you are getting some help. Your new psychiatrist sounds good...Good to hear that she is spending a lot of time with your difficult child before making a diagnosis. That is always encouraging! Let us know what you find out.