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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Mar 23, 2009.

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    This morning I apologized for hurting his feelings on Friday by not talking more with him to find out how he was doing. He's just so vulnerable. I'm looking at this as a blessing to have the opportunity to support someone in a pay it forward kind of way, with the hope that some day someone will be kind to manster.

    So get this. He tells me this morning "by the way I think I have it"... I was like "what, the flu"... he was like no... I said "AS?" And he said "yes" in a downtrodden kind of way. Apparently the counselor who I didn't think got "it", did. She gave him a book to read about it and he said "yeah, I read it and I'm pretty sure about it now". So I've been trying to explain that it isn't a bad thing and actually understanding it may help bring more self acceptance. I told him there were gifts that came along with being wired in this way. He's hungry for this kind of dialogue. He's 29 years old (a kid to me) and just now starting to figure out why he is the way he is.

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    Oh ML! I've been wondering how this worked out! Make sure you steer him to wrongplanet.com. It'll give him so much hope and insight! He'll be so much more accepting of himself.

    You are a fabulous friend to him. I can only hope that difficult child 1 & 2 will find a friend like you some day!

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    Wow- I think you are starting on a pretty good relationship with him now- and he must be trying in some ways. That is great!!
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    I have a young man in my homeroom that I am sure is AS. He is quite bright and graduating this year. Today he came in and I was removing my jacket. He said, Mrs. S, what are you doing, stripping?" I had to tell him that that was not an appropriate thing to say, that I was just removing my jacket. He said, Ok. He then had to tell me about pulling a muscle in his leg while doing pushups. He thought that was the weirdest thing he ever heard and found it quite amusing.

    He is very lucky in that the kids and teachers at school have been very supportive. He has done well in JROTC and just got his eagle scout. But, I worry about him once he leaves the protective environment of the high school. His father is my GP. Would it be wrong if I suggested wrongplanet.com to the father?
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    Thanks for the tip. I will give the website to him.

    EW, if you feel comfortable with GP I would go for it. You are very good with words so I know you could do it in a good way.