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    I havent gone back to them to make my demands because I have been doing a ton of research into what the vehicle should have been worth and how each prior accident diminished the value at the time, what the outcome is for having a car that has been totaled and rebuilt and what that value would be. Oh I have learned a ton.

    Now we found out some very interesting things just yesterday. It seems that the owner of this car dealer and a local lawyer have been indicted under some federal problems. I havent been able to find out the exact details but I really doubt this place wants any more trouble than it already has.

    I managed to find out that my car shouldnt have been worth much more than 2 grand. And I found out that most insurance companies wont insure a car for full coverage if it has been rebuilt. Right now I am paying for full coverage but they havent seen the title yet. I havent received the title yet.
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    Seems there should have been some sort of disclosure about that when they sold you the car? Is this why we were all hiding the lighters & matches yesterday? or just another straw piled on the camels back? hope it works out

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    They did disclose about the car...in writing they said that the car had never been totaled - in fact never been in an accident, wasnt a flood car, no salvage title and had never been reconstructed. All signed by both of us!

    I got it home and had a few minor issues that made me a bit suspicious and I pulled a carfax on it and it was totaled in 2012, bought by the insurance company, sent to a salvage company and then the lovely place I bought the car, bought the car from them. To say I am upset with them is an understatement.

    *And no, this isnt about me wanting to burn up my house. Something way different.
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    wow Janet it does seem like the universe is piling it on you at this point, hope things calm down for you soon.
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    You might want to contact your local police to see if they want all your investigative information. Sounds like it might be enough to shut a few places down and prevent this from happening again. I hope you get your money back!
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    I just might go to the police too.

    You know what is just so completely awful? Yesterday Cory and I were looking on Craigslist for scooters and lo and behold there was a 1997 Town and Country van all rigged up for a person who needs a scooter chair. In fact it comes with the chair! I realize 97 sounds old but the van only has 13K miles on it!!!!!

    While I am not at the point that I have to be in a scooter or wheelchair constantly right now, I will be at some point in life. This van is outfitted with hand controls so the driver doesnt have to use their feet. In fact the person can drive right up the ramps, put the scooter in the drivers seat position and lock it in place. I dont think it has the middle row of seats but passengers could sit in what is the third row on a town and country.

    Im sure I could learn to drive with hand controls and the town and country is almost exactly the same as my Pacifica.

    What else is bad? The van is only a few hundred dollars more than what I paid for this van. I am just awe struck that the car didnt show up under cars but under scooters instead. Im kicking myself.
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    Janet, any news on the car situation?