Update on our family

I read posts a lot, but don't comment much, so I wanted to let you all know how things have been going in our family.

When I posted earlier in the summer, we had just found out that EC2, who is 17, had been smoking pot and drinking. He has finally given a real apology to his mother for smoking in their house and putting Difficult Child's health services and his mother's job at risk. He has been clean for 2 months and is slowly earning back privileges. He just got his I-phone back this week. Still not allowed to drive or have cash or go anywhere without first asking permission. He's been getting good grades and working part-time, just applied to his first college. We hope this will continue, but who knows with this kind of thing. He has made remarks that when he turns 18 in April, he can do whatever he wants. We will need to let him know that even when he's 18, he can only do whatever he wants if he's on his own and self-supporting.

Difficult Child started high school this fall and has been doing surprisingly well. He has been in a good mood pretty much every day and likes school. I started taking him for his neurotherapy sessions again after school started and he's been making progress there, too. Last year he complained every single time I took him about how he hated it, it was boring, etc. He still thinks it's boring, but he hasn't complained yet or tried to get out of it. Maybe he is finally maturing a bit. The neurotherapy is slowly helping him - he's calmer, less irritable, more patient and pays more attention to what he's doing. One of the things he used to do was get up in the middle of the night and urinate without lifting the toilet seat, which would splatter urine all over the seat. Yuck! :givingup: After several sessions, he had stopped doing that, but started again during the summer after we discontinued neurotherapy for the summer due to schedule conflicts. Now that he's had 4 sessions, he again remembers to lift the seat almost every time. All the little things make our lives easier. He'll continue the neurotherapy all school year. We hope that will be enough time to cement the changes in his brain and he won't regress once we stop.

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Or just continue forever the neurotherapy the point is it works even if he needs it for his entire life as long as he can live a normal well balanced life. Its great that you found the solution.