Update on our family

Hi family,

Been gone a loooooong time. The reason is even longer, will try to keep it to the basics here.

First off, a little less than a month ago, my husband and I had a huge falling out. And I mean HUGE!! I took the kids, packed very few belongings and went to stay with Jayme's sibs adoptive family on their ranch. We had our own little apartment. Kids were thinking we were just having a nice long visit with "Auntie", tried to keep husband's and my issues to myself. After about a week of "being away" husband came to visit and we worked on many, many issues that have been buried for a LONG time.

We are still not great, but at least talking and cordial. But, we are technically still together and will continue to work on getting things better.

Amist all this crapolla, we had to decide what to do about our home. We were losing it, financially, and decided to put it on the market and try to break even, or lose only a small amount. The same day we decided that, a friend of "Auntie" told us of a home on 10 acres of horse property to rent. A REAL fixer upper but boy can husband work fast when he knows his arse is on the line! LOL!!

Fast forward to the last week or so, Aly is now going to school with Jayme's sisters. Been real rough so far, nearly thought we'd have to pull her out and either home school her or find a private school. School psychiatric in this new school is amazing! She has made herself available to Aly every morning and every afternoon. She starts her day in the General Ed 5th grade, then goes to a small math/reading group setting for most of the rest of the day, except for lunch and PE which she goes to Gen Ed class for.

She was having MAJOR panic attacks: too many kids in lunch room, too much noise, all kids in her Gen Ed class can read "super fast" according to Miss Aly and she doesn't understand anything they are doing in any of the core subjects. Behavioral/Mental health are awesome here and are working on supporting her with either a 1:1 or a 1:3 aid and also come to our home in the afternoons and maybe even some weekend respite!!!! We are moving very slowly with her, letting her adjust and get used to the changes.

We were going to have to change schools even if we hadn't moved as the old SD dropped the ball on getting a new SDC teacher and have been using subs since school started on Aug 14th!!!

A lot of changes for all of us, but hopefully things will settle down here a bit soon. Aly can look out any of our windows and see horses, her favorite thing on earth!! Our landlord will be moving some of her goats and their babies here and will teach Aly how to feed them and take care of them. We are also hoping to get a horse or 2 in the next few months, otherwise "Auntie's" horses will always be available to us.

Jayme is taking this all in in her own way, quietly and always with a smile on her face. She learned to swim in the last few weeks and is just thrilled with herself. Now if we can just get the potty training down, things would be awesome!!

Still trying to put the house together, carpet is in, paint is on the walls, bedrooms are set up, now for the kitchen!!!!

Sorry this was so long. Probably will be a little needy here for the next little bit as husband and I work on stuff and Aly continues to adjust to this big change.

Thanks for being here!!




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The opportunity to have horses sounds great for Aly. Even if you can't afford your own, there's always agistment and the fringe benefits...

Here's hoping things go well for you. Perhaps with the financial worries off your shoulders things can improve between you and husband.



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Vicki, those are big changes. Hopefully, just what you all needed. Sometimes big changes can bring a family closer as they are all in the same boat having to learn new settings, new routines and for you all a new way of life - together.

Fingers crossed! I hope things with you and husband improve.
Glad you posted. I have been thinking about you!

Overall sounds like a pretty positive update. Hugs and best wishes that things continue to take an upward swing!


Wow, your new home sounds wonderful -- glad husband is handy!It must be great for thekids to have so much land -- and animals to care for!

How has Jayme recovered from the incident with little foster brother? Has the agency let you know how he is doing?

Best to you and your family in your new home!


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Oh, Vickie, be needy! Not a problem.
Besides, I love horses and I'm happy to read whatever you type. :smile: Plus, if your note was needy, you make me look like an absolutely sniveling basket case.

I'm so sorry that you and husband had and have issues, but you are doing a great job handling them. Bravo.

I'm glad you were able to decide about your house, too. Another bravo.

And that school psychiatric, wow! That's fantastic!!! Way To Go!!


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So glad you posted. Have missed you and wondered what was going on with your family. I hope you and husband are able to work out your issues. The new house sounds really nice and I know Aly is loving the horses. Glad that her new school is accomodating her needs. I hope it continues positive.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies! Yes, they are big changes and just what our family needed. husband brought another HUGE moving truck full of stuff and now I am looking around wondering where to start!!! Bewitched, where are you when I need you??!!!???

KateM, Jayme is doing much, much better. I think it helped having her come with me to "Auntie's" for some extra TLC and being surrounded by her loving big sisters for 3 weeks. I have not had an update on how our former foster son is doing. They were supposed to be fast tracking him into an adoptive placement with a family were he would be the only child for most of the time, except when a 10 yo step son visited. The perspective adoptive home sounded like a great fit for him. I will be contacting my agency this next week for an update on the little darling! I pray for him every night that he can start to heal and not continue with his acting out.

Anyways, husband and Aly just left to go get ANOTHER truck load of stuff, mostly just clothes in closets and more kitchen stuff left. I just can't make myself go back there again, and am soooo very thankful husband is willing to do this for us. He is really trying to make things better. We shall see, once the dust settles...And I find my furniture under all the other stuff piled there, LOL!!

Thanks to you all, I know I can count on y'all when the "swimming" gets tuff!!


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Good to hear from you! It sounds like things have been rough but are on the upswing. It's good to hear Aly's school is working hard at providing her what she needs.