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    Well call my mom this morning just to see what she was doing and guess what difficult child was there. Apparently he called her last night to see if he could stay there and she said he could. She says he showed up at 2am. AND SHE LET HIM IN!!!!!!!!!!! I told her she has done it now. She can look forward to the middle of the night visits from now on. She knows everything thats going on with him and she still let him in. What the heck??? He keeps texting me and all i say is "are you ready for treatment yet" Guess not cuz he hasn't text me back after the last conversation.
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    Well, I guess your Mom will have to live with her decision and if it means that he will start bugging her in the middle of the night it's her problem - so be it. Enjoy your full night's sleep! :)

    Can you put your difficult child's text messages on "ignore" so they will bounce back to him for awhile? ...kind of like using the caller ID on your phone to your advantage and not answer if he calls/texts? Otherwise you just have "tennis match" conversations where the wisecracks volley back and forth and produce no good results. been there done that until I was the one who stopped the volley.

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    Your Mom will have to learn the hard way.

    My nephew hoodwinked my Mom for a short while......didn't take her long to tell him he was unwelcome there as well. It usually doesn't take the older generation as long to lose patience. (raised differently)

    In the meantime, enjoy a good night's sleep.

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    Soon Mom will be texting him the same thing you are. She'll learn.