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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tessaturtle, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Hi everyone. I posted on Fri. night that difficult child was getting assessed for admission to the psychiatric hospital. He DID get admitted that night based on info that we gave and his actions during the assessment. He has his IEA hearing tomorrow which we will go to as well. SO visited him Sat night and tonight. On Sat night, difficult child told SO that nothing is wrong with him and he will be out by Tues. When biomom was visiting with him on Sun, he wanted her to help him fill his paperwork out. She didn't and when she went to leave he threw a fit and it took two staff to assist him! So something tells me he is not going to be out on Tues.

    We see a definite change in easy child since he has been gone. She is so happy, calm, and relaxed. She doesn't look exhausted like she normally does. She was actually singing all last night to herself! Its kind of sad, but just goes to show you how much it affects everyone in the house. She keeps saying how nice it is not hear difficult child yelling all the time.

    We hope he is kept in as long as he needs to be. He really needs help. His moods had become so disregulated, his anger was out of control, the sweet boy was no longer there, he just looked dark and evil.

    Biomom was very angry that we said we would not go visit him EVERY night. Its easy for her to say since she was on her way back home (two states away!) We tried to explain how disruptive it would be to easy child's schedule. We also tried to point out that it affects our night too. SO is going to visit every other night and then we will all go on the weekend. She doesn't get it because she does not have them full time like we do. We all need a break because the last few months have been hell. He needs to be able to get the help he needs there too. He needs to be able to participate in group sessions and not be visiting with people every night.

    While he is in there, he is attending the school on site. I'm not sure if they contact his other school or not, but we'll check on that tomorrow.
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    I hope he gets the help he needs. I can understand needing this time to recharge. I know we drove ourselves crazy trying to visit difficult child when he was in the hospital. We went almost every night and it was exhausting after working full time each day. The second time he was hospitalized we went away for one of the weekends -it was one of the best things we did. You are right to take some time. Hugs.
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    husband only visits Kanga once a week. I have seen her twice in the last almost 7 weeks. She has done enough damage to our other children without them having to "give up" mom and dad 3 days/week (max visits allowed by psychiatric hospital). We do talk to her on the phone every night.

    Do NOT feel guilty about doing what you need to do to recharge your batteries, focus on easy child for a change and to let it sink in a bit with difficult child that this is not a vacation.

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    I agree with the others. When my son was inpatient they had rules about how many times a family could visit. Granted he wasnt as young when he was actually in the hospital but even when he was 11 at wilderness camp for 16 months we only saw him for once every 2 weeks for an hour and he came home every 5 weeks for a weekend.

    Its not a vacation.