update on Residential Treatment Center (RTC)/difficult child

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    I went and saw difficult child on Thursday, family therapy was cancelled as the therapist was sick, but he was expecting me so I went. It went ok, they had not started any medication changes yet, so he was the same difficult child. Very distractable, and was really only interested to see if I brought him a new Dragon Ball Z book. I had brought it. He says he will not do family therapy, no one can make him, is very touchy. I had planned to go see him this weekend, but after that visit? I decided I would just stay home, I will be back up on Monday For his psychiatrist visit and family therapy, and almost 300miles for a 30minute visit where he was only interested in what I brought? Nope, I deserve a nice calm weekend. I think that I will not bring him stuff every time I go either. He is expecting that, and I don't want to do what he wants, I don't do that at home, so why would I do it because he is there? I did order more Dragon Ball Z books on Amazon, but he can wait untill I decide he needs those and they can be birthday presents (his birthday is 12/12)His therapist was in yesterday, and we had a very long and good phone conversation. We basically went over stuff about difficult child, stuff we would have done at the first family therapy. She asked about developmental stuff, asked if he was a rigid black and white thinker (YES! was my reply), when she asked if he had any anxiety? I just could not help it, my reply was a very loud "DUH!"So the facility is trying to move difficult child to another facility (owned by same company) so they can get him in a more age appropriate and more acute setting to maybe do a medication wash. Sounds great to me. He is in a "cottage" where the age range is 12-18. He is the youngest there chronologically, and definately developmentally, as he would be about 10. All the other kids tower over him, but she did say that since he is so small they have kinda taken him under their wing, and I was hoping it would go that way. I should know Monday, and if the other facility has a bed he could be moved Monday.I am a bit torn about moving him, but I want what is best for him and I still believe a complete medication wash is best. Therapist was talking about changing the diagnosis to maybe Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified or even Asperger's. I have never had a doubt he is on the spectrum, but I can see so clearly the mood issues too, but it is all so intertwined. So we will see where things go from there.
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    Sounds like they have a good plan for difficult child. How's easy child/difficult child doing now that it's just the two of you at home?

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    This sounds like the best case scenario. Sending many well wishes and hugs!
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    difficult child 1 also has mood stuff and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Not a nice combo. Hoping you get him where they can do a medication wash.

    We've found that if we can get difficult child 1 into a ridge enough environment he doesn't need medications. No hallucinations, very little aggression. Also in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) environment difficult child 1 opened up to a therapist for the first time ever. Hoping yours can start processing and working through all he has been through while he is in there.
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    Well, it sounds like everyone is on board with helping him which must feel great! It kinds stinks he will have to move again - but you know - in the grand scheme of things it will matter little. The more important thing is that he gets his medications straightened out.
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    Mary, easy child/difficult child is doing ok. She is glad that difficult child us gone, and though that makes sense and I understand why, it hurts. She had developed a princess complex, probably because she has no competition. That is reading the longer he is gone. At her last therapy appointment she and therapist went over why she cut and how it made her feel. Per easy child/difficult child's request I go with and into the session with the understanding I can be asked to leave at any time. I thought it was a pretty good session.

    difficult child called a not ago and wanted me to bring him money when I come on monday. I said no and he was not very happy and kept asking repeatedly. Eventually he said he wanted to go because he was tired. Got those of you who have been there done that, is it normal for them to just want want want? I guess he does this at home too, so maybe he is just in a habit.
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    "want want want" is sometimes a coping mechanism. They keep hoping that the next thing they are wanting, will fill that undefined need. It doesn't, but they haven't got any other coping mechanism to replace it with, so... the insanity continues. At least, that's our experience. (We found and started filling some of the other holes, and the volume of "want want want" went down)