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    Travis and I were walking down for cigarettes (about a mile walk) and I decided to take Sadie along to see if possibly her people would spot her. It's somewhat the general area in which I found her.

    Turns out she lives just around the corner. Only thing is neighbors, while verifying that it was indeed her house and giving me her name which is in my opinion the most ridiculous thing to call a dog....PJ?? (Princess Jasmine, but her owner calls her PJ) But neighbors really don't want me to return her to neighbor. Seems he is not very attentive.......if he has money for meth/drugs (often), and will often just throw her out and leave her to wander for days on end.

    Hmm. Not much point of me returning her if he's just going to keep tossing her out of the house according to his mood. I'm not much "in" to the idea of turning her over to an addict either. Now normally this would be here say, granted. But I stood there and watched several of bff's druggie buddies walk into the house. Guy didn't seem at all upset I had his dog on a leash. I just started heading for home.

    Soooo. Yeah.

    Molly is becoming stressed over the pup. She went from being ok.......sort of to, ok this pup is not going home and I don't think I like that.......to avoiding her. Pup did ok with Molly in the room for 20 min except when Molly came over to ask me to potty. Pup immediately took a defensive stance and stood between us. Molly backed off. Pup did not growl or anything, it was just her body language. Plus pup sniffs her ears, tumor area a bit obsessively......and it really stresses Molly out.

    Unfortunately that is enough for me to say she needs re-homed, and quickly. I won't take the chance of her becoming aggressive to Molly as she attaches herself to me. And she has been glued to me since she saw me. Svcks. But I gladly handed Betsy over to Nichole for that reason, be darned if I keep one that might do the same thing. (that wouldn't be very bright of me or very nice to do to Molly)

    So, now I'll concentrate on finding her a forever home. I'll notify local rescues and the dog pound volunteers, see if we can't get her a forever family pretty quickly. She is a fabulous dog all the way around. I haven't had a moment's issue with her, except the stressing Molly thing. If the timing had been different, I'd have myself a new furbaby.
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    Good call about not giving her to the addict. If he tries to make trouble, let him know you will call the cops. I hope you find the forever home soon. Molly has been a great dog for you and you are right - keeping Sadie would not be a nice thing to do for her.
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    Well, it's a moot point now. :(

    Sadie had an accident in her crate over night. I put her into the yard (fenced) so she could romp and play while I cleaned up the mess. I've got the kids coming over in a few hours to do my garden and she wouldn't be able to be out there while we did it because she'd be underfoot too much and would have to be in the crate because I couldn't watch her in the house. Now yes, Rowdy can jump the front fence IF a female is in heat and he's highly motivated. He can also scale a 6 ft high fence if he has enough motivation. But I didn't dream Sadie would attempt to go over it as it's rather tall (about 3 1/2 feet) and set in front of steps.

    I was wrong. She wasn't out there really that long, maybe 15-20 mins, enough time for me to clean up the crate. When I went out to check to see if she was being good............she was no where to be found. Gate was still closed/latched in the same position I left it. So either she found a spot under the fence she could slither under or she went over the gate. But I was in the kitchen and did not see/hear anything. I've checked down the alley and up and down the block. Dogs are not barking (indicating a dog is wandering the block). She's a fast lil bugger evidently. No sign of her whatsoever.

    And I have no time to go hunting for her either. The kids are coming and I have to make a run to walmart for weedeater twine stuff and an extension cord.

    Guess she wasn't quite as bright as I gave her credit for, leaving a place that was spoiling her rotten. :( I'll keep an eye out for her, it's all I can do.