Update on Son


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My son continues to live the drug lifestyle. He is now living in a homeless encampment and smoking meth. He calls from time to time to try to guilt me into a place to stay and money. Not hsppening. He knows about the accident and my injuries, but has never asked how I am doing. It is and always been about him. I don't have time or energy to waste on him...none.


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Yes, addiction is a disease of the overgrowth of the ego .its root is self-centeredness . It hurts so much when our lives do not seem to matter at all to the addict, but that is the truth of their disease. I pray your son will find recovery.


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I’m sorry Pasa. For what it’s worth I think you are doing the right thing to tell him no, not only for his sake but for yours. I too hope he gets it soon and finds his way back to his roots.


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Sorry to hear this but you are doing the right thing.

My friend buried her head in the sand and could not handle that her son was on drugs and doing pills and eventually heroin in her home for over a year.

He had gotten SO deep into his addiction right there in her home. I tried to tell her to kick him out but she "couldn't".

She buried her son on July 28th. She finally had him leave after she went to a funeral for a friend's daughter that died from an overdose. He went to a few rehabs and was finally doing better and had a job and had been sober for over four months....but he relapsed and it killed him. Now she feels so much guilt. I'm not saying what she did or I did was right or wrong but I do feel that because we did not let our son do what he wanted in OUR home he is alive today.

I also feel that my endless and continual prayers finally took hold.

Bottom line - you are not enabling your son and that is the right thing to do.


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Yes, listened to a hard core AA member speak on YouTube and she said that it's better to step on your kid's toes than on his grave if you don't . She firmly believes that if someone does drugs in the house (or drinks alcoholically) to kick them out. To pay for 1 rehab and that's it .And to tell them that . Addiction will never resolve by being in a cushy situation .it feeds it.