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    Well now that my father in law is gone my sister in law and brother in law are trying to help my mother in law with her finances. The whole thing makes me a nervous wreck because they are all notoriously bad with finances. My mother in law has never written a check or gone to the bank for anything other than to cash a check or make a withdrawal. She has no clue what to do or how to do it. My sister in law is so bad with money that my brother in law is hiding it from her in a second account. Then again the brother in law has let sister in law's medical bills go to collections and still hasn't told her about the extra money ???? Never did trust that :censored2:.

    Anyway in a matter of 3 weeks our savings is gone because there was so much wrong with the house and the cars. Plus they had no money for anything and we had to make several improvements to everyday stuff since mother in law is getting ready to have back surgery. Now we get the joy of trying to move in a few weeks on a very slim budget instead of having some piece of mind.

    Last but not least my mother in law is a hoarder and before my father in law passed away I was helping her with cleaning out the house. OMG people I could literally spend a week in there and never see the light of day. I am going up for two more weeks before we move and praying I can get it all done without putting myself in an early grave. PLUS They have a dog that pee's on everything. I told them flat out I am not doing anything else to improve the house until that dog is gone!!! I refuse to clean carpets just to let it **** on them over and over. Plus he has pee'd all over the furniture and I am going to have to take it all out and clean it. NONE of that is happening until that dog is gone!!! Even if I have to take it out of state and drop it at a pound to make it happen.
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    I'm sorry you are going through this and hope she consents to the help you are offering. Can husband ask brother in law about what is going on with the finances?
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    dstc, I'm so very sorry you're having to deal with all of that.
    I agree that there's no point in doing anything until the incontinent dog is out of the house.

    Sending many hugs, and lots of strength.
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    brother in law is horrible with finances too and sister in law and mother in law don't tell him much because he is very condescending. I am going there Sunday and I think I will just talk to mother in law about taking on her banking for her. I am almost positive they can do online banking through their bank and if that is the case I can manage it all from my house no matter where I am.