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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Lothlorien, Oct 29, 2007.

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    About two weeks ago, I posted that Missy was having a problem with a girl who sat next to her. The teacher moved the girl. Since then, Missy has been much more like the typical 7 year old when she comes home. She's much less agitated. She is still having rages, but they have decreased considerably.

    Anyhow, I had also posted that the girl's mom had called and wanted to "have her daughter speak to mine" but was being very evasive with me and never told me what it was about.

    I had toyed with sending a note to teacher, but thought it would be better if I spoke to the mother and perhaps set up a playdate or something.

    Last week, I ran into another woman who happens to be involved with this girl and her mother. I inquired about them and was told to just stay away. The girl is just a mean kid and a bully. She had to apologize to her entire class last year for being a bully (Missy must have been out sick, because she never told me about this). Also the mother is pretty full of herself. She's rude and self-centered, among a few other adjectives.

    So, I had to speak to the teacher last week, regarding Missy's test grades. I informed her that this woman had called. The teacher was a little shocked. I have not called the woman and I won't.
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    Glad Missy is doing better. Also glad you found out about the other girls mom. Hope things continue in a good way.

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    I am glad the teacher moved the other girl and you are seeing a positive affect from that!

    At least you know about this woman now. You are on guard. That will be helpful if there is ever a problem with Missy and this other girl.

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    I'm glad the teacher seperated them and that Missy is doing better. Good to hear you were able to get a heads up on the other child and the mother so now you can be prepared if something else comes up. Hopefully now that the teacher has seperated the girls nothing else will.
  5. TerryJ2

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    Good. Sounds like it's under control, at least for the time being. I'm glad the girls are separated. Good luck!
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    Great that the teacher listened to your concerns and moved the other girl. My son had this same experience in third grade with another boy who was a bully and enjoyed seeing difficult child upset. Fortunately, we had a very intuitive teacher who caught on eary and made the change herself!

    It can really cause havoc with our difficult child's when they are subject to a bully since most of them have short fuses and don't do social interactions really well.

    Hope difficult child continues to do well and begins to settle at home.

  7. Star*

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    I think (in my minds history of well did you get that in writing?) I would probably write out the scenario, what has happened like you wrote it to us and ask the principal to put it in her/his file just in case something comes up in the future.

    Sounds like monkey see...monkey do. I'm just glad you aren't having a play date with a Mountain Gorilla and her baby.

    Seriously - just put your concerns in writing for future reference. At least if this continues you've started a paper trail of the child's behavior. Like you said you didn't know about her having to apologize to the entire class. Wonder what else no one knows about this kid.

    Just a thought.
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    I too was glad to know you are not returning this woman's call. perhaps the woman is a bully as well and she teaches this to her daughter.
    God help them both so this is corrected soon. Not your problem.
  9. SRL

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    Glad to hear things are improving, every little bit helps.
  10. Lothlorien

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    You are just too darn funny! :rofl:

    I will heed your advice about putting it in writing. Seems like the principle is getting to know my letterhead quite well, these days!
  11. Marguerite

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    I think, from the sound of it, a Mountain Gorilla would be a much more preferable playmate. They may be big, but can be very gentle.

    I think it was good to tell the teacher this last little bit of info about the mother calling - it should have confirmed the teacher's decision to move the girl.

    A friend of mine had this problem in Grade 2 (she's now Grade 4 at another school). Her mother said to the teacher, "Please keep K away from my daughter, they used to play together but K has begun teasing my daughter and being very mean, my daughter wants to stay away from her so please will you move them?"
    The teacher not only did NOT move K, she assigned them to work together on a joint project. Naturally this was a disaster, but any problems were blamed on my friend and not K, even when other kids spoke up and said, "K is being mean."
    My friend's mother complained to the school principal and was told, "We've had no other complaints."
    Later in the year other parents mentioned that they had just complained to the school principal about both the teacher and K, and the principal had just told them, "We've had no complaints." Because of course, he kept nothing on file so he could say that!

    So I am VERY glad you had a good outcome. It doesn't always work that way.