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    difficult child is doing as well as he's ever done. He is working again. I'm hoping he finds some success at this job. Once again he is cooking. This time is is an upscale restaurant in our small town. He is still with girlfriend and although the relationship is rocky, she seems to have some difficult child traits as well, he is maintaining well and they do seem to care about each other. He is very good with her son. One move forward, Jana posted that she had made a good grade on her accounting test and he posted that he was very proud of her---that is a great move forward for him. He's never complemented her before with sincerity.

    PCson and his wife a doing well. The children (almost 4 and almost 1) are growing. I talk to them about 1 a week---except easy child has called more frequently lately. I think he is a little homesick. I told him about a job opening in the local government, and he is getting his resume together. He called a few of the local officials that he knows well, and has put out the word that he is interested. Keep good thoughts that if this is the right place for him to be, it will happen. This is the job he has always dreamed of having. I would love to be able to see those babies frequently.

    Jana is still working full time and going to school. She is doing well in school, especially in her accounting classes. Today she and her boyfriend of 9 months broke up---probably for good. He said some hurtful things, and like her mom, Jana will forgive, but has a hard time with letting go---and she will not be treated in a manner that she thinks is inappropriate. She is a very black/white thinker. If she's done, she's done. The relationship has been very good for her. He is a good guy who has some growing up to do---but I think she needs to move on now for herself. I'm sad about it in some ways; husband and I liked him a lot and he helped Jana move forward in life in areas where she could have easily taken the wrong path. But, she will move on and she is stronger now than she has been in years.

    husband is doing okay. Something seems to be a little off---and my gut is nudging a little. He is drinking a little more than I would like, but there is nothing I can do about his choices. Hopefully it is nothing, and I'm just a little paranoid.

    I'm busy working on National Board renewal. I have finished two components---just need to fine tune. I have 2 more to put together, but I've been planning in my head, so I know what I'm going to say, I've just got to formulate a little more. It's a grueling process that may be futile if the economy doesn't improve and I lose the 11,000 a year supplement, but I can't take the chance of not renewing. My retirement is based on my last three years of employment and I am only 5 years away from my 28 year mark, so I have to renew just in case the money is still available.
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    All in all sounds like a very good update. :D So glad easy child has found his dream job. Everyone should be so lucky.

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    Sounds like the train is chugging along:D.


    Good luck on your renewal; I work at a school where NBTS certification is part of the staff professional development. The principal is active with the NBPTS and a board certified teacher herself. To say it is a grueling process is nearly an understatement!
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    Thanks for the update! So glad difficult child is on the right path again.
    Every thing else is the normal roller coaster of life! I hope husband gets it together quick!
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    Glad to hear difficult child, easy child son, and Jana are doing well. Good luck with your renewal!!!!! Hoping nothing is up with husband.
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    Thank you for the update! Sounds like everyone is making better choices, even if they're hard ones (welll, maybe except for husband).
    Sounds like the renewal is good insurance.
    Best of luck!
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    It actually sounds like you can breathe a bit. A tiny bit with husband, a guarded breath maybe?

    I am crossing my fingers with the renewal!