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    Gfg17 was discharged from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) just under two weeks ago. He was there seven weeks (it's treatment based, until stabilized -- more along the line of acute long-term psychiatric stabilization). He had been languishing 70 days in a local psychiatric hospital before that, after a psychotic break in juvie.

    Through CMH we got two weeks in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in our town for 17 to transition home gradually. He was home most days, returning to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) at night.

    We're doing well. We had some blow-ups but 17 was re-directable, and showed insight into his behavior afterwards. He was to be discharged from the
    Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this Wednesday, but we asked for him to be discharged today, so he is home for good. It didn't feel right to keep sending him back when he was doing so well and trying so hard. Of course we thought about honeymooning, but we decided to take the chance.

    We are authorized for home-based services until November. Home-based is really the gateway to residential in our CMH. Our caseworker says he can go back to residential if necessary, and possibly for respite along the way. Currently I think he needs to be at home.

    Clozaril worked for 17 -- the first and only medication that has ever worked. He blows up, but he can still think, which is a great opportunity to process and practice those executive and cognitive skills he is lacking. We give lots of positive reinforcement.

    He has no side effects so far (fingers crossed). Plus the folks at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) were awesome. They got him physically as well as mentally in shape.

    On our end, husband and I have worked so hard on detachment, and it is paying off big-time in the avoidance of drama and prolonged blow-ups. I'm really going to have to guard my detachment skills, as they are fledgling. I hauled out my copy of Co-Dependent No More and put the audiobook back on my iPod. Using the HALT method and also getting lots of rest. I have to admit my boundaries have improved.

    That's it for now. Today we went to see Toy Story 3, it was so fun -- I laughed so hard and loud all the way through, and cried at the end. The characters in that movie are so funny and good-hearted. The first Toy Story was one of 17's favorites -- he would watch it over and over. So it was fitting that we saw it on his discharge day, the last day of 17's long odyssey back home.

    Then he had a big blow-up tonight about not being able to go to some party (no parents to supervise, possibly some gangs) but he recovered in about half an hour and there was minimal yelling, and only one f-word. Small potatoes compared to what we're used to.

    Anyway -- to infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear would say.
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    What a terrific post to read! I'm glad he is doing so well. If you don't mind me asking what dosage of Clozaril is he on?
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    No Sharon I don't mind at all. He's on 25mg in AM and 350 mg in PM.
    Plus 100 mg Seroquel @ bedtime.
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    I like these kind of posts... Thanks for sharing!

    I have not heard of this medication...I will have to look into it, as one of Wee's problems in an inability to process anything in the midst of or after a blowup.
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    Hey Shari -- it's a big-time AP and requires having blood drawn every week as white count can bottom out, along with the ohter more commonly-known side effects of the atypicals.
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    Thanks Barney'smom! Right now difficult child is on 150 mg at night and 100 mg in the morning. I'm thinking he still needs an increase and we have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow so I will check it out. He is still on a couple of other medications including 20 mg of Loxapine (another AP) each night.
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    What a great post! I love CoDependent No More. It's still a classic. Keep up the great work!
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    Sharon -- Yes, I was pleased to find out gfg17 was on a total of 375 mg. I had assumed he would need a lot more because he was so sick. I pray he continues to tolerate it.

    ML -- It is a great book isn't it? It always makes me feel stronger and brighter and connected to others (other co-dependents, lol) in a healthy way. Like I'm not alone. It was recommended to me by a co-worker in her mid-twenties who is very wise. I was telling her some of my troubles about 6 months ago and she said in no uncertain terms, "Get yourself a copy of Co-Dependent No More by Melody Beattie." And I did.