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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mandy, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know how Little Bear is doing since my last post! I am keeping my fingers crossed, but Little Bear is doing extremely well since he started intuniv right before christmas.

    We went to his last appointment and talked a lot about him possibly having a diagnosis of high functioning autism along with something else. The school had "ruled" it out but they are now saying they havent ruled anything out since he has not been fitting the mold completely of a child that is just bi-polar. My gut says he has high functioning autism along with ADHD or a Mood Disorder.

    The intuniv has worked wonders and we can actually go out into the "outside" world again!! We tried to wean back the Celexa but had aggression again so we are keeping it a 2ml and since he is doing so well his Dr. thinks eventually he might not need the seroquel but she thinks he definitly needs the Depakote. My whole thinking is that if he is autistic with ADHD and not a Mood Disorder then we might be able just to eventually get to just having him on Celexa and Intuniv. His Dr. does not want to make anymore major changes however until he gets to the children's hospital which I hope is soon!!

    I got some bad news last week though, Little Bear's bio-dad carries the health ins. on him and now he no longer has ins through his job:anxious: I am hoping I can get him covered under our states medicaid because I can no way afford 4 medications a month for him. Without the medications he would probably be in the hospital because he can't function without them.
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    It's good to see such a positive update though the loss of insurance is scary! I'm not sure of the procedure but Little Bear may qualify for a medicaid waiver (sometimes called a Katie Beckett waiver) with a spend down. You may want to look into it. You also want to talk to the prescribing doctor on MONDAY about getting samples of his medications and signing up for medical assistance through the drug companies.
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    The website to start the ball rolling for help with the cost of prescriptions is www.pparx.org . It is free. Chances are that you will get his medications for free, at least the non-generic ones.

    You should also look into your state's Childrens Health Insurance Program. Sometimes called CHIP, also called medicaid, states are mandated to identify families that need this. Texas got in a LOT of trouble and got some big fines because one governor did not want to enroll kids in this. Every state has it and every state is acdepting applications at all times.

    Your local Dept of Human Services should have the forms. They are also online and info is available at the library in most areas also. School should have forms also. Income guidelines are fairly generous, NOT set at teh poverty level.

    I know how hard it is to have a child who needs medications and be unable to afford them.

    Lots of hugs!
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    Thanks for the update on LB. I will keep him in my prayers. Hugs, ML
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    It was good to see you back and it sounds like quite a positive update on Little Bear (love that name!!)

    Can you also check with your local Autism Society and groups to see if there are special fundings that you may not know about that could help you and LB?

    Sometimes there are DSS funded programs that people have NO idea about until they get involved with other parents in Autism related groups and hey let's face it - the support is helpful too!

    Glad to see you back with us! Take care!

    Let us know how it goes!
    Hugs & Love
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    Thanks for all the information!! I am looking into trying to get a Medicaid Waiver now so hopefully we can get it!!

    Thank you so much for that medication website I am going to go on there and see what I can do!!

    Thank goodness I had filled 3 of his medications a couple weeks ago when his insurance was fine. The new one I ended up paying $116 for myself:( His next appointment is Feb 6th so hopefully I can get everything set up before then!