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    Just thought I'd update on my sitch. Going well, still having a few trust issues here but I'm starting to let go a bit in the small fry areas. Everything that is said to him or from him to friends of the opposite sex (and I know they're only friends for fact when it is a friend we're both talking to in either IMVU, yahoo or skype) I take wrong, I can't help it. I have to ask him to clarify what that or this means that that person said. For example: when a friend said I'm committed to you (talking about psycho b who is now stalking him and blaming me as if I were the other woman) she meant as a friendship because she was friends with psycho b and now can't be because she's trying to use our mutual friend Baby C to stalk my husband. She visits his IMVU character page regularly, at least once a day, she tried contacting him after contact was abruptly cut off without explaination.

    She emailed him and I responded back to her email, hasn't emailed since but Baby C is saying she has gone psycho about it. In her email she blamed me as the other woman, I think in her mind (and Baby C confirmed this for us) she was married to him and that she was living virtual reality as if it were reality. She is apparently more peeved off about "losing him" then getting caught prowling a married man (he's just as much to blame for letting it happen). She's peeved that his IMVU friends and Yoville friends are now becoming my friends, aka our mutual friends.

    Baby C says she thinks a lot of this anger and stalking behavior is because she's feeling utterly guilty and doesn't want to face what she did (and what he did). From all the emails, im's and pm's he showed me that I hadn't seen at first this woman is crazy. She's delusional and delluding herself that it was more than what it was. She is going to be a problem, I already know this because of the post "break up" behaviors she's displaying. Guilt to anger, back to sadness, to anger and rage...this woman thought she really had more of a chance...told her in so many words that she never had a chance to begin with, so did he. She's still stalking him online after being told by both of us she had never had a chance and it was nothing more than a thrill or fling, as wrong as it was and it was a mistake made on his part...I'm worried she's going to start tracking him down, us down and show up at our door one day that's how psycho she's being....

    Restraining order anyone? Other than that, we're on a united front and working it out and actually doing better than we have in a long time. I may be having a hard time trusting opposite sex friendships right now but I did forgive him for what he did and do believe him when he says it was suppose to be like D&D roll playing game but went way too far and he shouldn't have let it go that far at all. He was actually starting to avoid her on Yoville and IMVU because he knew it was way beyond too far at that point and didn't know what to do about it.

    Anywho, we're getting good and moving slowly into great again. IMVU is actually a blast...he has now made me an instant addict to three things in my life... him, coffee and IMVU, sounds like a date doesn't it lol.
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    Glad you and husband are getting along! The lady does sound crazy! If I remember right she lives far from you? Does she know real names?
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    Have we lost you to IMVU? I looked at it once but I think my virus program kicked it back. Glad you found a new way to connect to each other, hope she doesn't come looking.
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    Glad things are working out. I can understand how a guy might not know how to get out of something like that. sorry about psycho lady. Some people really have a hard time telling reality and fantasy apart, esp when the internet is involved with the fantasy. Don't just ignore what she is saying. Keep records and if a few friends know what she is saying online have them keep records (printouts with date/time are good) also. More and more people are showing tendencies to act out in real life when things online go wrong. Clearly something in your instincts is sending you warnings about her, so take basic precautions.

    In the long run you may find that this has worked to hel pyou build a stronger relationship with each ohter because you learn how to communicate more and how to handle mistakes. Sounds strange, but it could work out that way.
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    Fantastic update. I'm so glad you and husband are on the same page. DDD
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    Whelp, I had to report her for stalking online at IMVU. We've blocked her but she's now stalking with non-mutual friends. Hopefully IMVU staff do something about it, if not (and she's blocked but you can use hack codes on IMVU too) and she is not stopping) Two of their mutual friends dumped him on FB\Yoville because of her. "Myst" (one of them) actually had the nerve to say he should have protected his relationship with this woman better than he did (she's married and has an online flavor of the week every week so I see why her attitude is the way it is, dumb behaviors I suppose).

    As for us, much better. Always getting better. No, you haven't lost me to IMVU I promise. I have, however been busy with a new client. Been in the trenches of designing for the last two weeks.
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    ive been out of the loop for a while yet i feel like this post sorta caught me up lol. sheesh i'm sorry you've had stuff like this. sounds like it's working out well though now and you two will be stronger for it. that's awesome.