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    I'm putting this in Watercooler since it's a little of everything.

    I haven't been around much lately and wanted to apologize. I've been lurking but just haven't felt up to posting much. Nothing specific, just taking a break I guess.

    We got difficult child's apartment cleaned out and I still need to put all of his stuff in plastic tubs so I can store it all in the garage attic. His furniture, tv and dvd player will stay in the house and are in what is now our "Wii" room. LOL He has court tomorrow....for what I'm not sure. I thought it was sentencing but when we visited him today he said it was "pre-trial" where he enters a plea and they see if the judge accepts whatever plea agreement his lawyer has worked out with the prosecutor. I can't take the time off of work so husband will go and let me know what happens.

    husband will be off work and available to go because he's been off this entire month. His back has given him problems for years and has not gotten to the point that it needs fixed. His MRI looks awful and we're waiting to hear when the disc fusion will be scheduled. He, being the worrier he is, is worried about being off work for so long, about the surgery itself and basically anything else he can think of. I can't really take a lot of time off for that either so once he's out of the hospital, my 16 year old, homeschooled sister is going to come stay for at least a few days. I think it will wind up being more for my own piece of mind but I"m sure it won't hurt to have someone here with him for a few days.

    We're still getting things done around the house....not NEARLY as quickly as I had hoped but it's getting there. Hopefully everything will be done by summer and we can start the adoption process.

    Basically I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and thinking of you all. It's just been a little .... odd around here. LOL
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    I have been thinking about you a whole lot lately. Worrying really. I keep meaning to call but I havent been in the best place either.

    Im sorry about B's back. That isnt a fun operation and I hope it goes well. I would be a big chicken so I hope he gets through it okay. Also hope difficult child doesnt get dealt with too harshly.
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    Thanks for the update. I have also been wondering about you lately. I hope that whatever happens in court is what is best for your difficult child in the long run.

    Sorry about husband's back. Back problems are NO FUN, esp when it is due to a disc problem. Do you know how many discs they are fusing at one time? I have had 2 in my neck fused, 2 diff operations. Each time it was important to have someone who could help me the first week or so. If husband uses ANY tobacco products, or if anyone else smokes around him, it WILL slow the healing by weeks. My first surgeon wouldn't take patients who smoked or lived with smokers because their recovery took so much longer that it seemed to create lots of problems. This is true for any time bones need to heal, by the way... Many docs won't tell you and a few don't know, but the research is there to prove it.

    Many docs don't want you to go anywhere out of your home except to their office during the first few weeks or up to a month. It is because it is terribly hard on your healing spine to ride in a car and if you are in an accident, even what would otherwise be a minor fender bender, then you are in a giant world of hurt.

    Be sure to ask about PT afterward, and know that all the stretching/range of motion exercises he can do NOW really will help after the surgery.

    If he has any questions, PM and I will answer what I can. I don't know much about how they do it on your lower spine as my fusions were on my neck. I would strongly urge you to NOT have them take bone from his hip to use in the fusion. Donor bone is a LOT better in the long run. I was told that where they take the bone is an area that isn't weight bearing and won't contribute to hip fractures, but my current docs want to know who would even think that. Everyone I know who had bone taken from their hip has had some degree of hip pain that lasts for decades past the surgery, and if arthritis sets in it gets worse. I had the 2nd one done with donor bone and have had no problems from it at all.

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    Hi mstang, I've seen you posting a little bit here and there and I've been wondering how you were. Hope hubby heals well and quick and your son gets a diversion program or something like it.
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    Thanks for the update stang. Been wondering and worrying. Sorry about husband's back, that sounds awfully painful and I hope the surgery works well for him.

    Holding good thoughts and praying.

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    Thanks for the update. Hope things go well for difficult child and that husband's condition improves alot. Hang in there. DDD
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    Good to hear from you. Glad things are.....OK.

    Hope husband has a safe healing process after surgery and things shape up for him afterwards.

    HUGS to you - I know that feeling that you can not describe. Hopefully that passes soon!
  8. mstang67chic

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    Thanks all.

    As for husband's back....we both quit smoking so that will help him tremendously I'm sure. I quit a year ago this past November and he's just now at his year mark. From what the doctor told him, he'll be in the hospital for a couple of days (2 discs being fused by the way) and then I'm going to have my sister come and stay for a few days while I'm at work. He doesn't think he'll need it, I do and I'm going to win on this one. Even if by some miracle he doesn't NEED someone here, I"ll feel better knowing there's someone with him just in case. So really, he has no choice in the matter! LOL

    As for difficult child...well, we just wait and see. Honestly though, something must ber agreeing with him in jail. He's filled out a bit and is really starting to look like a grown man. Too bad he's not acting like one! :slap: I'll update tomorrow evening after I get home from work.

    Thanks again and I'll try to be around more!
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    Star notes......she is available for adoption and does not smoke.