Update on We Got Robbed

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Get home today and the Resident state Trooper left a note on the door to call him on his cell. husband got here before I and spoke with-him then he told me to call because husband had to go back out for an appointment. I called. They have a suspect in custody, can I come and look at what they found to see if any of it belongs to me...gist of the story is none of the jewelry they found was mine...officer is 100% sure it's the guy they have in custody that broke in. This guy has been number one on everyone's list as top suspect.

    Creepy things about said suspect...Our difficult child is friends with a great girl who is a neighbor. They play together a lot. Last year she started talking about an uncle who was coming to live with them and that he had been in prison. RED FLAG. Once he moved in I checked the s*x offender registry (as i do every 6 months) and low and behold he was there. Rape in the 1st - threatening 25 yrs he spent in a NY prison. Gets out moves in with the neighbor family. He is the brother of the grandpa that lives there (offender is in his 50's) 2 young girls live there 8 &10. Who the H*LL would allow that? So I've been on guard. difficult child not allowed over there, but the neighbor girl allowed here. She is such a doll and good for difficult child to have a playmate with-o issues. So OK...we have playdates 1 or 2 times a week @ our home ONLY.

    Suspect arrested today for heroin. Possession & usage. They have him pegged for 2 other area break ins. Dumba*s approached my husband late week at a store to apologize because he heard what had happened. Had the nerve to say that the violation of our house was like a molestation. UUUUGGGHHH! He started crossing the street to visit our single neighbor around his age a couple of weeks ago. I did not tell her what I knew until he crossed onto her property (regarding the registry). Once my husband spotted that (him going up to her house) I went over the next day to tell her. She said he gave her a weird feeling and wasn't comfortable around him. She was extremely grateful that I told her (obviously). 2 weeks later we are broken into. GD scum bag. Can't believe it was he that possibly walked into our home of 12 years.

    I hate this...husband is so Po'd and difficult child has a million ??????'s. Ahhhh!
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    For crying out loud! What are the playmate's parents saying? Anything?
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    Well let's hope they can lock him up for a lot longer this time!!! I'm sorry they haven't recovered any of your belongings. That really bites.
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    Oh I am sooo sorry! That does just hit home to know he was the one. I hope they put him away for a long time. HUGS!
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    My best guess if his family members were locked up in the 50's for rape? I would say someone sexually abused him too. Isn't it odd that there is such a fine line for getting therapy and counseling - and hopefully not becoming like this man, or not getting therapy and counseling, doing what he has obviously gone to jail for, and having everyone think he's creepy?

    I'm glad he's away from the children. I have a hard time believing they would allow him to 'live' with children....Know what I mean?? I'd like to know what playmates family has to say also. Oh and if that's the case - I'd ask THEM if they saw any of your jewelry in his stuff. Maybe a no questions asked thing? I dunno - you know your neighbors.

    Glad you are safer -