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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, Dec 3, 2013.

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    Well, Last I shared, young difficult child was living with my estranged half sister. We are not so "estranged" anymore thanks to young difficult child. She and I talked quite a bit while difficult child was living with her, her husband and her other half sister.

    Seems young difficult child was given a chance to do some work on their property...of course didn't finish it. So, Sister's husband ended up finishing the job...on his day off. Then, there was difficult child stealing all of sister's husband's beer. So they hid the beer in the shed and difficult child still got into it...finally they changed the locks on the shed and difficult child came in and announced to sister..."I know what you did". Laughable. How in the world does he think he's entitled to whatever he likes from virtually total strangers to him? Needless to say he wore out his welcome within a couple of weeks. He left behind a picture of himself in the Army.

    Next stop was with a friend who picked him up from Sisters. That lasted until yesterday when I got a text from difficult child telling me his friend was dropping him off in the city and he did not know what to do or where to go.
    I suggested he contact a shelter as it will be cold by weeks end.

    Last night I called daughter in law to see if she had heard from him. Yep. She sure has. He landed on her mother's doorstep yesterday afternoon and was asleep when I talked to daughter in law last night.

    daughter in law thinks this might be a good deal as she has started working outside the home recently and her mother is going back to work as well. She doesn't have anyone nearby that could watch the kiddos tomorrow night, and other nights this week, so she thinks young difficult child can earn his keep this way.

    I don't know how long this will last. It would appear that young difficult child does not want to work now. He has been given so many opportunities.

    I'm sorry I have been absent over the past month or so...Going through some emotional messiness with my mother at the moment and will likely start counceling with her soon. She and I have had an increasingly difficult time communicating for some time now.

    Hoping to catch up with you all and start posting regularly again soon.
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    Hey Tammy - I am so sorry but also glad to see that difficult child has landed somewhere safe again. I tell my difficult child "You're guardian angel is getting AWFULLY tired, could you give her a rest for a while?" to no avail...

    I can relate to mother messiness... but that's a whole other post meant for a whole other board that probably doesn't exist... our new family inside joke is that I am writing a book about Mom and that I have run out of volumes and PAPER and I am only 3 days in....

    Holding a good thought for YOU dear friend...XOXO
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    Glad you are doing OK and young difficult child is safe and with his kids.

    He sounds a lot like our difficult child!

    Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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    Thanks for the update. Try to keep the focus on you as you are the hub of your family. Hugs DDD
  5. lovemysons

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    I too am glad that difficult child is safe. I just wish he would show some real survival skills and stop expecting people to take care of him.

    Thank you all for your care for me. Sometimes one can feel very alone in all of this.
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    Thanks for updating us. Just wanted to send you (((hugs ))))
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    Hugs, LMS. Hoping this will be a better situation for young difficult child and that he realizes he's burned all his other bridges. Meanwhile, take care of you.

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    Tammy, just sending you hugs and my love. I think of you often.

    Love, Esther