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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Well things were good yesterday and I was happy that they are giving him until March 1st then today he had a meltdown. He was caught ditching--not doing anything wrong but still ditching. He ran into the asst. principal saw him in the hall and his pocket was torn, he was sweating and his face was bleeding and she jumped to the conclusion that he was in a fight and gave him an attitude. OK well his pocket was already torn when he left for school today(why do kids wear such ragged clothes these days?) He said he was sweating cause he was running and his face was bleeding because he was picking at a zit so he was hanging out in the office waiting to speak to his counselor because he was upset. Today of all days the JPO came to visit and he was not where is was suppose to be. UGH! so now we have a triage meeting on the 9th and difficult child has lock himself in his room after we came home and he said that husband wasn't even happy that he came home and told him that it didn't matter there are still a lot of people that want to see him succeed. Oh yeah by the way I picked up husband from the airport this morning and he still hasn't even tried to help difficult child feel better cause he heard the whole conversation about not being wanted. I seriously am thinking about leaving husband. difficult child and I were talking and in one sentence he said that I am the only one that cares about him then 2 seconds later I made the comment that I had done above and beyond for husband and the two step's and difficult child tells me to watch what I say cause his loyalty lies with them NOT me. I feel horrible for him and he made me feel horrible about myself.
    The kid that attacked him did get suspended but difficult child says he is still on the school grounds and following him around. He feels that no one is giving him a fair chance but I told him that it will take time. HELP!!!
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    Sounds like a rough day for everyone, mog. (((hugs))) Hoping today is a bit more positive.
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    What an ugly day! Hope things settle down a bit soon.

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    Bad News -- the asst. principal ran into difficult child again this morning and he told he off and she said he had to go to ISS so he ran off. I don't know what to do! easy child is falling apart with stress from her Math class (her worst subject) plus her huh best friend and her cheater boyfriend are posting hateful things to her of fb. She told my easy child that she did not hold her friendship in high regard anymore. husband was a major jerk to both difficult child and me last night. I was ruby slippers to tap together and wake up from this nightmare.