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    Well, Monday my son saw the Psychologist and (honestly this was my mistake) another individual. I don't know the qualifications on that gentleman but I'm hoping to find out more on the diagnosis written up for my son. The appointment was supposed to take 2 hours, but took nearly 4! Thank God I was off. Their ruling? ADHD and ODD. I know that ODD doesn't mean much, but since I've heard it, it seems to have had my son pegged since he has always had an insanely stubborn approach to EVERYTHING! I'm satisfied with the ADHD diagnosis but I'm not fully convinced they got everything. They pointed out that my son does have issues with his dad (dear husband) and that doesn't surprise me, but apparently it's far more significant than I had realized. He was the main disciplinarian for a long time. The one thing that was not really seen or addressed was my son's explosive rage. And when I mentioned that I was reading the explosive child they did not seem supportive of that, indicating that it didn't seem appropriate for my son.

    They also saw clear as day the manipulation he does. It helped that my daughter was with us because they watched him manipulate her into reading questions for him on the questionaire he filled out. When they asked her why she was babying him, she responded that she wasn't. She doesn't even realize all that he does to manipulate her. I've warned her for a long time to stop being "mommy bear" in my place so I think it was an eye opener to her.

    So what can I do about the explosive rage aspect of my son? I guess I can seek a second opinion, but how does that generally go over? Should I try calling the original psychologist or move on to a nueropsych?

    They did mention therapy for addressing the daddy issues, but didn't say anything about how to treat the encopresis issue despite him excusing himself 3 times to the potty. They did talk to him about the encopresis and said that he had smiled upon mentioning why he didn't go which may have helped with the conclusion of ODD. But they didn't point out therapy for treatment. And as far as medications for ADHD they did recommend it but not until after a few weeks of school so he's not hitting two changes at once (I agreed that was a good idea). So they know it's partly his own defiance. What I AM doing is trying to reach out to the main pediatrician to get the full report from the appointment. But what else do I do now?

    And as far as the school IEP, I'm still waiting on a response. I will be calling the school probably Tuesday to follow up, but I have no idea where to go with that either. It might just be a hurry up and wait game right now, I'm just not sure.

    Consider me far from understanding all that's going on just yet lol
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    ODD has no treatment... which is why most of us don't put much stock in it.
    If you believe the ADHD fits, you're probably right... ADHD can either be a stand-alone diagnosis, OR it can be part of other dxes. Things that help ADHD help ADHD whether it stands alone or is part of another diagnosis. So, run with that one.
    But you're right... it doesn't address the explosive stuff, nor the other problems.

    So... I'd keep up the hunt.

    What happens if you "assume" your kid is actually somewhere on the autism spectrum (aspie or whatever), and try and parent him that way? Some kids never get the diagnosis but have enough traits that they need the different parenting approach. If he's on the spectrum, then punishment doesn't work. Depending on where exactly on the spectrum, rewards may or may not work. They have to be taught what to do, when to do it, how to do it, when not to do it... substitute any behavior or action or words for "it". If you assume he is just being obstinate, you will treat him differently then if you assume that there is some reason why he can't behave... because, if you assume there is a reason, then you will search until you find the reason (or reasons...)
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    Hi LadyJ9,
    If you want a second opinion are able to get one, do so ! My son was possible Anxiety and ODD, with violent tantrums, including biting himself and his older sister us, and hitting. Breaking things, damage yup. But I need second second opinion cuz his Dr said never mind hes fine. But thats another story!

    Anyway, sorry I cant help ya on that but I can help you on the Encopressis because my son has had this since Pre-Kinder! It started with "Strept Bottom" according to the Dr, he had the runs and really itchy. Since, he has had loose stool most of the time not knowing he went or even had to go, then well, clogs up the toilet when he does. He can go days without going.Dr. said it was a fear as well because of the pain while trying to go with a large stool. I don't know. Just keep to the a good diet although its not a cure it will help. My son was prescribed a stool relaxer for a few days to clear out his system, then, got this bottle of powder mix to use in his drink to keep him soft. They need to "retrain" themselves as the Dr put it. But do this on a 2 or 3 day weekend because he will need to be at home to run to the bathroom - ask your Dr. He did better for a while but he kept having many accidents at home and school. Last year was a blessing because no accidents but still the constipation.

    Your son smiling when asked about it is not good but you just need to keep on the good foods and explain that he is such a big boy and his friends go when they need to. I asked my son if the other kids had accidents and what would he think of them if he did. Let the teachers all know of his bathroom problem, let them know he might be in there longer or need extra trips but he cant take advantage of the bathroom pass either. I also let the teachers know every time he hasnt gone. Give him a little prune juice daily and you can take it with him like I do my son. Yikes I know the taste but, if it works :) Good luck