UPDATE- She made her choice

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    Good Morning all,
    I thought I would update on my difficult child's situation. She first met with her psch. last Wednesday and was referred to a medication Dr. in addiction medicine. He saw her and prescribed antabuse? and referred her to a counselor. She saw him yesterday and he got her in to a 28 day rehab starting today(Tues). My husband will take her there as I can't leave work as easily as him. It's a 2 hour drive so we will be back and forth alot on family group sessions. She had this attitude that it was like going away to camp or something, she seemed excited. I kept thinking to myself that it's not going to be fun and games and roasting smores arount the camp fire! On the way home she was reading all the "rules" and she was shocked. She actually wanted me to stop at Target so she could get new sweats and stuff because her's might not be right. I just looked at her and said "right, I'm going to go shopping for rehab clothes, NOT!" Her response "fine, I'll ask dad(GRRR) or I'll steal it!" I just said that the stupidest attitude and forget it. Well, thats the news and I'm so glad I found you all. I feel like I can tell it like it is here without fear of judgement. :D Thank you and will keep you informed.
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    So glad she is getting in rehab. She might not be so giddy to go, but acting like that for spite. Either way she is going and that is good.

    Take this time while she is gone to recharge and refrest!

    T. Paul