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I just wanted to update those who have followed my posts about my my 17 yr old son .
Monday will be a month he’s been back home & I’m very proud of him , he found a job at a butcher shop & has been working everyday 7am-4pm ,comes home eats, calls his girlfriend,spends some time with us & then to bed. He will do a random mandatory drug test Monday & I’m confident to say he will pass. I know it’s only been a month but this is the longest he’s done good while being out , he says he never wants to go back to jail, I know he has said that many times but this time I feel he’s more focused on doing good. All I could do is take it day by day . He has a big court date coming up on Dec 21st which he will plea guilty to robbery& assault, he will probably be on intense probation for a year , having probation & surveillance officers checking on him & random drug drops, but I will focus on today & not get anxious about court like I always do. And one more positive thing my husband & him are getting along & he’s reconnected with his grandparents who have came over a few times to see him & his relationship with his dad is also going good . I know anything can happen tomorrow but I cherish these moments now.

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So happy for your family. You are right about cherishing these moments if things don't go well later you will have plenty of time to worry to about things at that point. You don't want to miss the good times worrying about something that may or may not happen. So glad he was able to find a job it will keep him busy, and give him a way to feel good about himself. Thanks for posting


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Dear Helpless

What blessings! I am so pleased for your son and for you and your husband. For everybody. I know all of us here will pray that things stay on an even keel. Your instinct all along was to try again and it was meant to be this way. I am so glad that your son stepped up; that everybody stepped up and that the right thing happened.


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So happy for you!! I hope that he continues on this positive path so that you and your family and your son can have a peaceful holiday!

Take one day at a time. That's all any of us can do.

Hugs and positive thoughts sent your way!


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Another here that is very happy for your family. There is definitely reason to have some hope...your son is in a working daily routine, seems to realize that jail is not where he wants to be and the family bond is important to him.
These are good signs!

When my sons were younger and went to rehab, detention, prison etc it wouldn’t take (and still doesn’t in my younger sons case) longer than a week before seeing indications that the “honeymoon period” was over.

I hope and pray (which is my new mantra) that this change you’re seeing in your son will give him the momentum he needs to continue on this path.
Yes...Cherish the moments. One day at a time.