Update..Told difficult child he could not stay. : (

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  1. I'm still new to the board so if you dont know the basic background my previous thread was "sent this way..difficult child has moved back in"

    The update : We had the rules and consequences discussion with difficult child on Sunday. The 1st step to being allowed to stay was that he make a call to the school to see if he'd be able to take rescue classes since he had failed to attend the 1st week & did not call with his complaint about the hours we were told by another school official.He was given until 3pm Monday to make that call or he could not stay. At 8 am he lied about going to bed at 12:30am (phone records say he text literally all night! stopped around 5:30am) He stayed in bed ALL day (even with my repeated attempts to get him up)..until 4pm when i told him he could not stay. difficult child has moved out twice before and returned both times when his bio-dad kicked him out..this made return #3. All in the last 10 months.

    We have NEVER told him he could not stay so he did not take me seriously. Rolled his eyes,rolled back over, pulled the covers up stating "you didn't wake me up enough..I'll call her in the morning and go to class tomorrow night..just let me rest today" but i stuck to my word and once he realized i was serious he didn't scream and yell..but did curse me for a minute or two..then it seemed to hit him..he was incredibly calm (not typical) as he packed up only 1/3 of the clothing he'd brought 2 days ago..he walked outside,made a phone call and was gone 10 min. later. This was a first..the only thing left we haven't done is cut off his phone..we are considering it.

    We don't know where he is staying..but apparently he's not terribly concerned as he updated his FB yesterday from somewhere and was seemingly excited about visiting the race track (drag strip) that night and telling everyone to "hit me up" and leaving his phone number for all to see.
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    I'm glad that you were able to stick to your guns. I hope that he will figure out what he needs in his life. {{{{{{{{{Big hugs}}}}}}}}}
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    I'm sorry. You did a good job following through, and now the ball is in his court. But it's hard on you. {{{hugs}}}
  4. Welcome Willow! ((((((((((((( HUGS!!! ))))))))))))) Hang in there momma!!!!!!
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    I'm with you, dear. It's tough. I don't pay for my daughter's phone. Or haven't yet. Not sure if I would or not. I did, however, pay for a 30-day unlimited bus pass so she could get around the city and maybe LOOK FOR A JOB.

    Hasn't worked yet, but hey.. :)

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    You did good :)
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    {{Big Hugs}} He will be just fine - these kids can be remarkably resourceful when they need a place to crash. Sleep well at night knowing you did the right thing. Did you have to change your locks?