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    It’s been a week or two. I apologize for not being super active on here. I am not online a whole lot, due to a busy life. But when I type posts, I choose my words carefully, and I read everyone’s replies carefully, taking it to heart.

    A few quick questions about how this board works. How come all posts have to be “approved” by a mod or whatev? Doesn’t that slow down the process significantly, as one of the mods would always have to be on here to approve all the posts? That would be ridiculously time consuming.
    And also, I guess this forum is dedicated to being pretty anonymous, considering member’s can’t PM or have profiles or anything? Like, there’s no way to personally contact another member?

    I apologize for the length of my post. I don’t mean to become overwhelming or anything.

    Well, anyway. For those of you who read my original post (http://www.conductdisorders.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24595).
    My mom and sister got back from their trip last week. My sister was leaving again the next day for a three-day school science camp trip. So we barely had a day together before she left again. I was unsure of how she’d react to me, after not talking with me for a week as a result of her absence. She was tired and sick from her previous trip, but was nice.

    Going away to a school camp was a bit worrisome for my ‘rents and I; it was the first time she’d been away from home (excluding at friend’s houses) for multiple nights in a row. We were worried that she wouldn’t get along with the kids, or that she would get terribly home-sick/afraid, or if she would even get placed in the same room with the one friend she has in the class.

    Well when she came back, she was sporting a jacket of the camp and had a bright, smiling face. She excitedly told us about her adventures, what she learned, and what she had brought back. She had had a great time, thank the Lord. She gave me a great big hug. I spent some time with her, listening to her stories and asking questions, trying to be as encouraging and engaged as possible.

    Ironically, that same day (this past Friday) that she got back from camp, I was leaving for the weekend to visit my boyfriend (who lives two hours away). Haha, scheduling was just not working in our favor! But nevertheless, she reacted to the news that I’d be leaving beautifully. She was okay with it. She didn’t shut down. I spent some time with her before I left. It was great to snuggle with her and do some of our “together” activities, such as doing devotions, reading through a book together, and looking at www.postsecret.com (fascinating site).
    She texted me as soon as I had left and told me how much she missed me already. She also sent me a picture text of a water bottle, revealing that she had bought it for me as a souvenir from her camp. I replied with enthusiasm, saying I couldn’t wait to see it and thanking her for it.

    When we were hanging out before I had left, she asked me if I preferred water bottles with or without handles. Although it was a random question, I didn't think anything of it, and I babbled on about how I needed handles on everything because otherwise I’d be the clumsy retard that I always am and I’d be dropping ‘em all the time.

    I discovered the reason for her question when I got home late Sunday night. She was already in bed, but she had left me a note with the water bottle.

    “Hey sis
    I hope you like it
    Its special just for you
    I have one just like it
    it has your name on it”

    She had made a handle out of duct tape for the water bottle and put my name on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she used pink tape because she knows it’s my favorite color. (So THAT'S why she asked to borrow some duct tape earlier, lol) oh my gosh. how sweet. She is so amazing. So precious. I cried.

    We also have these "wall markers" that you can write on the bathtub wall with. And she wrote "welcome home, sis" all colorful and stuff on the bathtub wall.
    When she is like this, I could cry. Her simple, trusting, childish love is so beautiful. So amazing. And compared to the previous 8 years of torment and hell, I’m just SO thankful for it now.

    My sister and I have hung out for a few hours over the past few days looking up youtube videos and making a Mother’s Day card. We have had a lot of fun. This is how it should be all the time. I pray we continue to get along.
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    What the?? All of a sudden, posts don't have to be reviewed first, and now I can see people's profiles. This is leaving me feeling very confused....
    I'm assuming that it takes a few posts for members to "earn" seeing that stuff and whatnot?
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    That is right. We screen carefully for people not being here for the right intention. As you can imagine we are talking about our children so there is a higher level of security required. I believe it takes 3 posts and then no moderator approval.

    I am glad you got to see your sister in the best possible light. I think it is significant that she got some freedom from the rents and sis and truly enjoyed herself. Maybe she needs to have more time out of the house and doing her own things.
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    Hey Sis! Sounds like a really great time (or no time! lol!) with your sis. Have you discussed a neuropsychologist with the rents yet? I'm not buying this just plain ol' ODD from what you described in the past.

    I really glad that things went so well, You're just so supportive of her - you really are a great sister!