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    well easy child is doing better today she has only had one episode today. She still sleepy but hopefully she will not need long term medications. She still is determined to go on the trip.
    difficult child is back home --:anxious:One of the staff members over at the facility told him to leave. The MST therapist went over there to find out what happened but their story kept changing. difficult child's counselor backed up difficult child's story so JPO said it was ok to bring him home and just continue with therapy.
    husband is having a HUGE attitude and treating difficult child badly because he thinks he got away with bad behavior and would not even join in therapy to let the therapist explain what happened. He said that he doesn't want to be invloved anymore--even teh therapist looked at me and asked in therapy or everything in general.
    Some break --and now its back to playing referry :faint: