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    Okay, so I know it has been over a YEAR since I have logged in and posted anything, so it is time for an update. I have been so busy with school that I have had to put off much internet "me" time...

    difficult child 1 is 15 now...and has come up with a HUNDRED new ways to torture us...her counselor at school calls her "passive agressive"... She has skipped 8 full days of school since Thanksgiving, and a few classes in the middle of the day, just because she refused to leave the cafeteria after lunch to go to art class.... The school has labeled her as "truant" and sent truancy papers to the juvenile center in our town. (did I mention we had to MOVE and she has already been kicked out of one school for cursing and yelling at her counselor?!) So now her sophmore year and she is on high school number 2. She has taken her raging to a physical level and I was in the hospital once not so very long ago...thankfully nothing serious, but it was very close. Her bio mom has graduated from drug court and managed to stay out of prison long enough to earn back some visitation rights, which has made our lives a LOT more interesting. difficult child has decided that she is gay, and has found herself a girlfriend. I dont mind so much about the girlfriend, I am pretty open to those kinds of things, but I think the only reason she did it was because she thought it would shock us. I liked the girlfriend the first few times I met her, she seemed very nice. However, I found out a few weeks later that she was difficult children drug supplier, and was giving her all kinds of lovely things that she was bringin home and stashin in her room.

    difficult child 2 is in 2nd grade now, and is SO SMART! Comes home from school every day and does her homework...now if only I could get her to take her assignments BACK to school with her the next day...but she loves to read, which is a nice activity, and she has started taking Taekwondo classes. Yes, I am sure most difficult child parents would shudder at the idea of taking their difficult children somewhere where they TEACH them how to fight and give them weapons...but honestly, I think it has given her a very good structured environment to take out her anger, and plus they teach her a LOT about respect and concentration, and she has done MUCH better since she started going there...I think it has improved her behavior MORE than therapy (but somehow costs about the same)...

    The youngest, our easy child....started kindergarten this year and things have been going well. She is out sick this week with pneumonia, and I am enjoying my break from work staying home watching cartoons with her. She is turning into my little political activist I think. They had a program at school not to long ago where they talked about some of the things that our president is changing that will affect them at school, and she came home to tell me all about Mr. Barak Obama. Then it wasn't even two days later, they turned her FAVORITE television channel (Noggin) into Nick Jr. She informed me that it was ALL Barak Obama's fault that the logo in the bottom corner of her TV channel changed...because he is changing EVERYTHING. I didn't know what to do besides giggle a little, and try to explain that our president didn't change her television station.

    Needless to say, difficult child 2 is slowly turning back into a easy child, which has taken my stress level down a LOT, but difficult child 1 has taken it upon herself to make up for GFG2s good behavior... Needless to say, I am back, and I am happy to see all of you again, even though I wish I didn't have to.
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    NNT, welcome back, although I'm sorry to hear that you need to be back.

    Just rushing off to bed (while I have the chance now that both babies are sleeping), but I wanted to say a quick hello.