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    Wow. This past week has been insane. husband's brother passed away New Years Day in Canada. husband only relative. I spent every day on the phone. Hospital, funeral homes, government agencies..our own government.

    husband needed an emergency passport. To do so he had to have birth certificate, proof of death, social security card, airline tickets. Closest issuing agency is in Chicago. Hour away. Can't find his birth certificate. We have copies, but not the original. That tells me we HAVE to have the original to make a copy. We tore this house apart. Meanwhile tried to order one from Pennsylvania. Which kept getting denied. It is the ONLY state that requires the Billing address of the credit/debit card to be excactly, letter for letter, upper case, lower case, spaces...to be identical. It kept rejecting. I called the bank and had them read me identically how it is on the account. Still rejected. Called credit card company and asked the same, still rejected. GRRR. Printed off the form and spent $40 to mail express mail with return express envelop. Been a week now and don't have it.

    Meanwhile I decided to go through two boxes in the attic of old papers. And guess what. ALL of our birth certificates were mixed in those papers. Why I put it up there I have no clue.

    So I make an appointment to get passport. First available was yesterday and you had to bring airline tickets. That is just stupid to me. What if his passport was denied for some reason???

    So, we took the train to Chicago. Freezing cold outside. Walk to the Federal building carrying his suitcase. I am not allowed to go in with him. He is searched and goes through security. Meanwhile I am walking around the city carrying his luggage and freezing. I stopped and was drinking coffee and walk some more. Then you have to PEE. WHERE do you pee in downtown chicago??? you have to be a customer to use a bathroom.

    Anyway, his 11 am appointment lasted until 1:45. Then we had lunch and he had to go pick it up at 3pm.

    Now there were two flights out of Chicago to Ottawa. 6:20pm and 9pm. They said he needed to be there 2.5 hours early. So we booked the 9pm flight. That had arrival time at midnight in Ottawa.

    While I was waiting for husband, his brothers friend who is helping us out in Canada called. Said he doesn't own a car and he can't get public transportation at midnight to meet husband. Have him call when he gets out of his appointment. Ok.

    I get another call from the funeral home. They want to confirm that husband got his passport and would be there so they can go ahead with the planned funeral today.

    I got a third call from my BIG boss. We were told in November our jobs were outsourced. Haven't heard another word. Now..this particular time they choose to call and tell me there is a "status" meeting on Wednesday about the outsourcing. I just can't handle having to deal with losing my job right now.

    husband FINALLY gets his passport after 4pm. In which I am still walking around the city waiting for him. A little over an hour just to pick it up. They gave him a hard time because he didn't know his mothers place of birth or birthdate. (she left when he was 3. He didn't know her name)

    He tried to call friend in Canada...no answer.
    He borded the "blue line" train to O'hare airport shortly after 4pm. I had to walk about a mile to get my train back home.

    He arrived at the airport about 5pm, found his terminal, showed passport and they said he can get on the 6:20 flight. So he walked in the door and was on a plane in less than one hour. So much for 2.5 hours early.

    Meanwhile I was trying to reach man in Canada. Now his phone is "full" and won't accept messages. husband was alone in another country. He took a bus downtown and checked into a hotel. I emailed this man last night and he called husband this morning.

    Visitation was today 11-1, funeral then followed by burial. husband was overwhelmed with emotion this week.

    And as always having to deal with difficult child and homework/school. GRRRRRRR..

    I am waiting to hear from him. He should be at the burial right now. I am really worried about all the stress on him. All the paperwork, meeting with the hospital doctor who was with his brother when he died, funeral home paperwork...all will be taken care of after the funeral. Tomorrow he cleans out his brothers house and he returns home Thursday evening.

    It is sad that he hasn't seen his brother in many, many years...spoke to him. they had this bond. They lived through an abusive childhood with an alcoholic father who beat them as well as their mother and step mother. Their father died in a car accident when they were young. They have this bond that was unbelievable. Didn't see each other but talked like they seperated. Now to have to go and bury him is so sad.

    But...I did something. Don't know if it is good or bad. another post...
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    I'm so sorry for you and your family...at least he made it.

    Hang in there.