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    I am having trouble posting things and not sure why. It will accept my post but when I go back into the general forum it does not show up. When I go into my profile it shows the thread I started but I am unable to see any of the replies. Not sure what I am doing wrong but wanted to go ahead and put this update out there. I really really need you guys right now.

    Got loads of info this morning about difficult child. At the current moment the public defender is waiting on a reply from the state attorney and then the judge on releasing difficult child to a 14 day inpatient treatment at the youth crisis center (ycc). It's looking promising and he could be released today or tomorrow to go to that, which is what I want for him. The detention center is really not where he needs to be. Has it been good for him? In regards to having time to think about what he did and realizing that is not the place he wants to be yes I think it served it's purpose. Dragging it out with him in there could make matters worse especially if he gets into trouble there. If he gets into this 14 day program he will be evaluated to see if he has deeper issues such as bi-polar, schitzaphrenia (spelled way wrong!) depression, adhd, add etc.... or if it's just simply a matter of a short fuse and him having to learn to control it. All this is what needs to happen.

    I so wish all these people were on the same freakin page and knew what can and can't be done. They should be, they are the ones that deal with troubled youth day in and day out. His probation officer said he can't be court ordered to ycc (youth crisis center), even the public defender said that - according to ycc he can be. They have kids court ordered there all the time. This is the **** that is aggravating.

    So now I sit and wait for a call from the public defender. She has sent the state attorney an email telling him this is what we would like to see happen. If he agrees she is pretty sure the judge will agree so it's starting to sound promising. I am in the process of washing up a bunch of clothes to pack for him just in case. I will need to stop by wallyworld and get some socks, tank tops and t-shirts. He can wear street clothes at ycc.

    Won't know if his girlfriend is pregnant or not until Wednesday so I am not talking to difficult child about that yet.

    At this point I feel like I have been beat up one side and down the other. I feel like I need to throw up and have a good long cry.

    Just wanted to give you an update. The public defender said I will hear back from here before the end of the day. I may have to call out of work tomorrow. I don't need to lose my job but my kids always have and always will come first. Besides one of the higher up supervisors know whats going on and he told me not to worry about it.

    Oh and the public defender is trying to get his July 15th court date and the one for this Thursday morning rolled into one court date on the 15th. Which with the way the judicial system is backed up with all the youth offenders they will probably welcome that.
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    First off, (((hugs))). I can imagine how frustrating it must be hearing such contradictory information. I'm hoping you have received a call by now and they are able to court order the ycc. Sometimes a good cry is what we need. I'm so sorry things are so hard right now. More hugs.
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    I'm all for throwing up and having a good cry. Go for it!

    I hate the waiting. And waiting.

    Good call on not talking about the potential pregnancy when it may be a nonissue.

    Best of luck with-all the testing. Don't place your expectations up too high ... they probably won't be able to figure out what's going on in one day. It would be a miracle, frankly. Let us know what sort of tests they do.
    Best of luck!
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    We were able to get difficult child out of DDC (detention center), public defender faxed order to ddc and to ycc. DDC said they didn't get orders and he wasn't going anywhere that evening. Called ycc, went and got there fax took it back to DDC (these 2 places are on opposite sides of town!). It was sweet revenge to take that back to DDC and get my son. They couldn't argue with the judges orders now could they? I do understand the officers at DDC having slight attitudes, they must have to deal with irrate parents all the time, but we were nothing but nice and polite. Oh well. Come to find out there fax machine is broken - why couldn't they simply tell us that?

    He will stay at ycc for 14 days. The counselor there told me they don't do the extensive testing I want for him so I needed to keep the appointment I already set for him with a different psychiatrist. She was very nice and talked with me for over an hour. I told her I know the kid she is talking to now seems nice, polite and sweet but the kid I had arrested last week was anything but. He can stay there a few days longer then the 14 days if needed.

    His next court date is 7/15 so they rolled both court dates into 1, which is cool. He called me tonight and said he got to go roller skating with the group today. I miss him but glad he is out of this neighborhood and in a safe place for at least the next 14 days. Truthfully the house right now is quiet and not filled with tension. Feel kinda guilty for enjoying that part.

    Thanks to all of you for your support. Will keep you posted.
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    Great news on difficult child getting to YCC. Enjoy the peace & quiet - you deserve it!
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    Hey! So glad you're able to get on here again! Don't feel bad about feeling good for the peace and quiet. Although you're going to be doing some running around to get things done, take some time to sit back and say "ahhhhh" while it's quiet. You deserve to take advantage of it and reconnect with yourself and relax.

    Here are the "doctors orders". At least one long, relaxing soak - chocolate - and a tv show or movie that YOU want to watch OR a good book or magazine that has nothing to do with difficult child's!

    We're here for you!

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    Sounds like a promising start to a better life for all of you.
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    glad you were able to fix the issue and get back on line!

    Sounds like a positive move for difficult child and for your family. Enjoy the quiet and keep the hope alive.