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    It is calmer here and I am grateful. Have decided I must detach some and direct that energy at taking care of myself. The last thing I need is more health problems.

    Am trying to wean him from depending on me. For example, tonight I explained when he earned the right to have a cell phone again that no where did it say I was required to provide one. I am cancelling his cell and paying the termination fee. Not my problem.

    Also, when he earns the right to go out with his friends again, it is not my responsibility to provide him with a car, insurance, tags and gas money. I am removing him from my insurance on Tuesday.

    It is a tough world out there and he needs to learn now.

    His friend, the one who has lied about knowing where difficult child was, etc., is not welcome in my home now. difficult child can see him elsewhere. See I believe in forgiving and forgetting but the boy says he did nothing wrong. So, if I let him back in, he will do it again.

    If difficult child wants to see his truant, headed for court again soon, girlfriend, I cannot totally prevent that. But she isn't coming here and I don't provide transportation. My guess is difficult child isn't as cute to her now he has no car and no money and a mother who will put people in jail if they harbor him. Time to find another boyfriend.

    And if difficult child wants to mouth off to me, I am headed to the police station to file reports of interference with custody of a minor against two of his little buddies. So if he values friendship as much as he claims, he prolly ought talk nice to the woman who gave birth to him, feeds him and buys his clothes.

    Gotta take the cash I save from the cell and the car insurance and spend it totally on myself.

    Don't misunderstand...I wish things were different but I refuse to live in the gutter with him. I have arranged counseling, etc, etc for him and will step up when appropriate.

    difficult child wants to run his own life and send me the bills. Not playing that game anymore.

    Ps the school actually gave him an excused absence for the day he runaway from home. Gonna be shaking my head at that one for years.

    Thanks again for being there for this very tired mom!!!