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    Hello Everyone!
    Sorry that I haven't posted in quite some time. Things with B2 have been going much better now that they have him on an ADHD medication that actually is working for him... We have still been having our challenges at school and I hope to have an IEP in place for him soon. I actually am going to observe an ECSE (earily childhood special education) room this Friday to see if this setting would be a good placement for B2. I then will meet with the head of Special Education for my school district to go through some options that might be available for B2. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I have any other news.

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    Hi Cindy,

    I'm so glad you found a medication that's working for him and that the district has some possible options. That's definitely good forward progress!

    Good work, Warrior Mom!
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    Good luck! I hope you like the ECSE. I'm currently trying to get my boy in the ECSE now. Let me know how the process goes for you.
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    Well, the process continues to be SLOW, but they only have 30 days to complete the evaluation process and hold a meeting. I am just waiting to hear back from the psychologist to set up a time to meet for B2's IEP. It sounds like B2 will qualify for the program even if they have to put him under "OHI" Other Health Impairment. When I visited the ECSE classrooms, I felt that it would be the perfect place for B2 right now. We are still weighing our options, but it sounds like he will be able to go to school everyday (1/2 days) that the very least - They may also do 3 whole days so that he can continue with his reg. perschool as well as attend the ECSE program every afternoon. I will keep everyone updated as I receive more information.