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    well I found out why difficult child has been so upset. Apparently there is a resident with difficult child that has been making racial comments to him and now has sexual exposed himself to difficult child. difficult child wrote out a report and we talked about it in the MDT meeting but it didn't sound to me like they had any immediate plans to reprimand this other kid. The JPO did mention to us though that he apparently is not getting a full report about what is going on and that he is going to start calling difficult child on a weekly basis to check in. He too was upset about this incident with the other resident. It also sounded like some of the other staff just found out about why difficult child had lost privileges and were not happy with the staff. WE were suppose to have a family session that same day but difficult child called and said they called him for dinner and he would call in about an hour but the counselor called later and said that he got permission to leave to go play basketball and took the opportunity since he hadn't been able to leave. The JPO told the staff over there that difficult child is the type of person that needs to be kept busy and if they have restricted him --it is no wonder that he is refusing to get up--to do nothing all day.I am hopeful that things will get better for him now. One thing that does concern me is that the counselor told us that some of the residents are upset that difficult child doesn't do laundry but once a week. We goes and plays sports and gets sweaty, then his laundry sits.When they told him to do it sooner he commented that he did not have enough for a full load and that it is a waste of water. I explained to her that all of my children were taught to conserve water because we have to haul it ourselves. She commented that it is not the case there and I told her that he is still just trying to conserve water and I told her that I would talk to him about that and let him know that it is ok to do a half load which might bite me back when he moves home. How do you motivate a teenage boy to clean up and do laundry??
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    LMAO no clue but when you find out, could you let me know??? I have one that just turned 13 and I STILL have to tell him to brush his teeth and put deodorant on! And he is not the difficult child!