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    Hi all,

    Sorry I haven't been here. Things have been nuts since Monday. (I have a distant relative just diagnosed with exactly the same type of cancer that I had several years ago.) Will catch up as soon as I come up for air. Here's a brief update.

    Met with family therapist Monday. difficult child hostile but manageable. Therapist will contact me every Friday during partial hospitalization so I know difficult child hasn't pulled release. difficult child agreed to terms of him staying there for PHP, including amount of contact with me and number of 12 step meetings he will attend, etc. As he did this in front of therapist, I feel somewhat better.

    Today's wonderful news -- I got difficult child into the medical apartments which are four blocks from rehab. 1 bedroom furnished with parking. $500 a month. (subsidized by a local religious group....God bless them!) He will be with many transplant, etc. patients so ZERO chance of alcohol around and he will have to behave. Many 12 step groups within a mile. He can walk to PHP which is great because parking is costly there.

    Going to get him Friday at noon. Get key. Take him to stock his kitchen, etc. and bring him here in time for Celebrate Recovery. He will stay here over the weekend so he can get driver's license, see dentist, etc. Back to apartment likely Monday night. PHP starting Monday.

    Talked to therapist this morning about difficult child's anger towards me and attitude of wanting me to have nothing to do with rehab. He said these are reasons (1) his age (2) his addiction (3) his lifelong desire to not show anger - which they are working hard on and have had some success (4) that I am the only one he feels safe enough to discharge anger on. He made me feel so much better. It's hard not to take it personally.

    This is the best option I could ever hope for --- if difficult child wants help, he has the best shot here.

    difficult child told me about his sponsor last night. 20 year old. Family couldn't afford rehab so he went to AA meetings numerous times a day. Screwed up while at college in dorm (parallel to my difficult child). He has returned to college and is living with parents (parallel to where mine needs to head.) He knows he needs to change to a sponsor with more sober time but, for now, this guy sounds like a good role model.

    Have to get back to work ...I am so far behind. I promise I'll catch up on reading, replying, etc. as soon as possible.

    Know all of you and your families are in my heart and on my mind.
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    congrats on the apartment. Great news. Sorry about the cancer, must be a shock and take you back too. Hope things go as well as possible.....
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    That is wonderful news. It's so good to read about plans falling into place. You have come a long way AG and have done a great job searching out options for him.

    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you.

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    All positive news about your difficult child,,,steps forward
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    What great news for both you and your difficult child! You have been a real warrior mom in fighting for your son, and he is lucky to have you in his corner. I have never heard of medical apartments, but it sounds like the perfect sober living arrangement for your difficult child. Thanks for the update.
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    That is a great update!!
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    Great news!!! I'm very very happy for you!!!!
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    All great news AG. I'm so glad you found something affordable and best of luck to your son on his road to recovery. ((Hugs)) and so sorry about the week-I am in a week of my own.
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    Glad to hear such a great update!
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    Glad things are starting to work out. I hope your difficult child takes the help offered and gets his life and addictions under control. Pretzeling here that all continues to go well. -RM