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    Well i'm going to say see you later, difficult child is going back to bioMoms this week. All the hard work I did to help him seems to be down the drain last week he was acting same way he was when he came to live with me including running from husband who just had back surgery and a heart attack, yelling at teachers and trying to tell me what he was going to do. This week is 3 days of school then packing all his stuff. Social Services told me that if Bio mom gets him taken away again then he will be ours permantly but with her no rules do what you want he will be worse. i'm hoping for his sake that biomom stays off drugs and does what she is supposed to. I will be checking the board once in a while but... well you know.
  2. TerryJ2

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    Oh, what a heartbreak.
    I have my fingers crossed that it all works out. From your description, I suspect she won't last through the summer until he gets taken away permanently.
    I'm so sorry for your husband's health issues and I know this stress isn't helping.
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    Sorry that you have to send him back. :(
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    I'm sorry to hear it. It sounds like your house is the only real stability he has.