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    Well Christmas went ok. difficult child of course never calls us but we did call her and got to talk to her and the grands for a little bit. We of course kept it simple and didn't go into anything deep. My mom tried to drag me into her "this Christmas just doesn't feel right" speech but I just pointed out things always change in life and then moved on. LOL I could almost tell she was disappointed not to get to me.

    difficult child bought her boyfriend a cat, emptied her bank account, and got a promise ring. LOL some things just never change. Apparently she moved in to her new apartment with the boyfriend yesterday. We will never know unless she calls.

    husband and I had a great Christmas season and really enjoyed ourselves. We have a great group of military friends here who are in the same spot we are (across the country from family or estranged from family). So we all got together for Christmas dinner and New Years Eve. We had a blast.

    easy child went to the grands after Christmas for almost 8 days so we had plenty of time to just be a couple. It was great. More to come on easy child in another thread.
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    Sounds like a really nice holiday! I am happy for you that you were able to maintain that certain "coolness" when your mom started in about Christmas. It's true what they say: We cannot change anyone else, but we can change our reactions.

    Good for you!

    Glad you got to spend quality time with husband. Priceless!

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    Thanks Cedar it was a welcome respite from all the drama!
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    Always glad to hear a good outcome from a detachment effort! I too am particularly glad to hear that you managed to not engage when your mom tried to pull you in to her own stresses (or, not knowing your history, was she blaming you, or trying to make you feel guilty?) in any case...it sounds like you are in a good place with your difficult child and detachment...which helps me keep my eye on the prize too.
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    Always trying to make me feel guilty or trying to drag me into her rabbit hole of Bi Polar Schizo. It is not pretty in that rabbit hole and I can't fix it so why have to live in it. ARGH!