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    Well, Mr. Connor will be 6 months old on Tuesday!! I just cannot believe that it has been half a year already...

    He started crawling yesterday but has also been getting into the bear crawl position. He uses anything and everything to pull himself up to stand. He is SUCH a great baby!!! She really did get SO lucky. And we are all so, so attached to him. easy child says the best thing about coming home from school every day is seeing Connor's smiling face. And husband? Wow. For someone who was so upset over the whole situation, he is such a proud grampa. He adores Connor and Connor adores him. I swear there is nothing sexier than seeing your husband be a good father and grandfather. ;) Connor smiles and your heart just melts...I work from my bedroom now so when I hear daughter coming down the stairs in the mornings, I go out to the living room for my dose of baby love. <3 I swear, it is better than coffee.

    The sperm donor has only called the two times. Twice in the six months and no letters. Hmm. The other girlfriend gave birth a week ago. daughter doesn't think the baby looks like sperm donor but I think differently. He has the same large hands that Connor does and I see it in his eyes.
    daughter let me know a while ago that I was right - sperm donor won't be getting parole for some years, yet, and even then he would have to get a parole lawyer. The other girlfriend had the nerve to ask daughter's help in paying for a lawyer for sperm donor! daughter told her she was crazy and absolutely not.

    daughter is still doing amazing. She has not dated anyone since the police officer. She feels that if she has a boyfriend she wouldn't be able to give 100% to her son and she says her son deserves way more than 100%. She is still working part time at Zaxby's - has never called in and takes every extra shift offered. I told her it is time to start looking at college classes so she can work towards a career in something. She can do it. She makes me so dang proud these days. It is so nice to shed tears of pride rather than anger and hurt.

    Who would have ever thought?? A year ago I was really looking forward to an empty nest and now, I am so completely happy with my chaotic full house and I don't want it to change any time soon.

    So for all the new folks here dealing with this disease - there IS hope. My daughter was really bad into meth since she was about 15 - 16 years old. We went through the depths of hades with her. If you search my posts, you will find just a sample of what we dealt with.

    She will be turning 21 this year and has no desire to even have a drink. She is such an awesome, loving and devoted mommy to Connor. And as of last week, she has officially paid her little brother back every dime she ever stole from him. I cannot even call her a difficult child anymore - it has been half a year and there is no sign of any GFGness - it CAN happen...keep the faith and take care of yourselves! <3
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    Thanks PG, it is always such a pleasure to hear about Connor and your family. I am smiling a big smile to hear this news..........
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    Your daughter gives all of us hope that our difficult children will turn it around. I pray that all of our difficult child's find a purpose that will give them the courage to want to live.......really live life.
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    PG, every time I see a post like this or a picture of Connor on Facebook my heart melts. I am so, so glad that your difficult child is getting better and better!

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    I'm so happy that you are all doing so well. I remember last year well, you have all come so far.
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    This makes me so happy to read. You give me hope....thank you!