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So he remains in the hospital. Still depressed but thoughts are more clear. Says he can't focus to read a book. Haranging me because he is sick of being there (one week today). Keeps calling me and telling me he wants to be discharged. Keeps saying he's going to sign out AMA. I repeatedly tell him that if MD feels he's not ready to be discharged, then I do not support him leaving hospital. He hung up on me a couple of times because what I said was not what he wanted to hear.

I had a big talk with him the other day. I started off by reiterating the things that he is doing right (being sober, going to work, showing up for appointments, managing his money (that is, not asking me for any since we pay his rent). Then I outlined the things he needs to improve on: actually DOING the assignments therapist gives him, going to meetings and socializing, taking his medications as directed and communication with p doctor (he tends to skip doses sometimes because of what he perceives as undesirable cognitive effects). These are things he needs to do in order to manage his chronic mental illness.

He wants to move out of the place he's at, the sober house, because of the atmosphere. Therapist recommended a supportive apartment as a higher level of care. 2 year waiting list. Therapist mentioned expensive young adult program. It is a minimum of 9000.00 a month.

So no higher level of care available. He will go back to sober house and social service agency will set him up with community support and case management. Hopefully he'll be able to cope since he's back on the half dose of Zyprexa (p doctor stopped it and thinks this helped precipitate this latest crisis).

Mental health services in this country are difficult to access and very fragmented. We are coping as best we can.


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Thanks for the update IAD. You're doing the best you can under some pretty unusual circumstances..........and you're doing a good job. He is safe. He has support. He has people who are helping him and he is coping. That may be as good as it gets right now. I hope in the midst of your support of his needs, you are making sure you are getting support as well. And, not just support, but doing fun things too.

Remember how husband and I left town every weekend for at least one day while I was in the deep end with my daughter? Those excursions were my lifeline and my sanity. We would discuss her and the latest scenario in the car as we left town and then within a short time, we would leave it behind. There was something about getting out of town, going to the ocean, or the woods, or to the city that made a difference. We felt far away from the problems. And we would so enjoy the day, hiking, or having lunch overlooking the Bay........or whatever, it didn't matter where we were, just that we were out of town. Make sure you have things to look forward to, fun things, just for you............

I know it's hard. Sending you warm hugs and my best wishes for you to find peace..........

in a daze

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Thanks so much, RE. It helps get together with family and friends when we're in crisis mode. I told my siblings I needed SUPPORT more than anything when they say they don't know what to do.

Just curious, and to give support, what is the personality diagnosis?

Personality disorder not otherwise specified with elements of borderline and schizoid. Hence the panic attack which brought him in and his tendency to withdraw from people at times.


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Well as long as he is still getting care I guess it is ok for him to fuss about it. LOL

Sorry you have to listen though.